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From Ireland to virtual worlds: TikTok will create over 1000 new jobs

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From Ireland to virtual worlds: TikTok will create over 1000 new jobs

For a couple of years now, despite the increasingly fierce and ruthless competition fielded by Google (with YouTube Shorts) and MetaTikTok is definitely the social network of the moment, with monthly subscribers and users in constant growth.

The platform grows, and so does the company that manages it: the Irish authorities, where TikTok has its European headquarters, have announced that the company will create another 1,000 new jobs in the countrybringing its employees to over 3 thousand.

The new jobs were announced during a meeting between Irish Prime Minister Michael Martin and TikTok Chief Executive Shou Zi Chew, Ida Ireland, a state agency responsible for attracting investment, reported. from abroad: “The latest expansion of TikTok further strengthens Ireland’s role as an important hub for its European and global operations, and it is clear evidence of its commitment to this country, ”said Martin.


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The opening to virtual reality

That’s not all, because in addition to the real world, TikTok would also be looking at the virtual one: according to many American sites (such as Protocol), ByteDance, the Chinese multinational that controls it, would be ready to invest “a lot of money” in the development of solutions dedicated to virtual reality. And therefore to hire staff.

Specifically, the company has opened 40 jobs related to Pico, a company that makes VR headsets, to be allocated to the two American offices, in the states of California and Washington. Pico already has its own viewer for virtual reality: it’s called Neo 3 Link, it looks like Meta’s Oculus, has been on sale in Europe since last May and costs 449 euros.

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Whether this will lead to a possible next one remains to be seen version of TikTok in virtual realityor at least increased.

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