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from Minister positive signals in support of nurses

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from Minister positive signals in support of nurses

Reward and career measures for nurses, tax exemption of additional work, removal of the exclusivity constraint imposed on nurses. Fnopi welcomes with optimism the words of the Minister of Health Orazio Schillaci, who in answering a question for immediate answer to the Chamber reaffirmed the Government’s commitment to enhance the nursing profession: Funds to increase hourly rates and rewards by the summer.

Nurses, Fnopi: recognizing role specificity in the remuneration system

The president of Fnopi, Barabara Mangiacavalli and the Minister of Health, Orazio Schillaci at the National Council of the Federation (16 December 2022)

The nursing profession continues to deal with staff shortages, a frozen public work world, a salary and career system that does not fully value the commitment of nurses and the lack of the necessary legal protection to counter incidents of discrimination suffered by the category.

We therefore welcome the words spoken by Minister Orazio Schillaci during question time in the Chamber with optimism. In particular, as the minister announced, it would be essential to introduce bonus and career measures for nurses and for the tax exemption of additional work.

The National Federation of Nursing Professions Orders (Fnopi) declares it in a note. The attention to the proposals of the Federation – continues Fnopi – was also confirmed by the update communicated by the president of the Social Affairs, Health and Labor Commission of the Senate, Francesco Zaffini: the Government is preparing a text, as confirmed by Minister Schillaci, which provides for the removal of the exclusivity constraint imposed on nurses, preventing them from accessing free-lance activities in private structures in addition to the commitment in the public system. The hope is that the premises have been laid for a Government intervention, aimed at solving the main problems encountered by nurses.

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The lack of personnel should be considered more carefully considering the phenomenon not only in the immediate term, but above all in the long term and the effort required to cover all the needs of the services aimed at the health needs of citizens. There are things to fill differences, including economic onescompletely unjustified given the training and professionalism expressed.

It is essential – continues the note – to recognize in the remuneration system the specificity of the role played by nursessince they are today among the lowest paid in Europe and to immediately deal with the lack of staff that puts a strain on the structures and at risk the quality of services, formalize the figure and role of new operators, trained and managed by nursesconclude Fnopi.

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