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from pain to anxiety, from skin disorders to breathing difficulties

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Long Covid wave for health systems – The scholars who worked on the survey emphasize that in the near future, health systems will have to cope with a wave of Long Covid patients to be managed for physical and psychological symptoms.

Over 250 thousand healed examined – Experts examined data from dozens of studies conducted around the world, covering a total of 250,351 unvaccinated adults and children who contracted Covid between December 2019 and March 2021. 79% of the sample was hospitalized and most of the patients, average age 54, live in rich countries.

I sintomi – It emerged that over half of the healed manifest or have manifested the typical symptoms of Long Covid. For half of them it is weight loss, fatigue, aches. More than one in five of the healed show a reduction in motility; one in four has difficulty concentrating: one in three develops an anxiety disorder; three out of five have lung abnormalities and over one in four have breathing difficulties. And yet, nearly one in five experiences hair loss and skin redness.

It is therefore emerging with an increasingly evident relevance that the disease does not end with the resolution of the infection, the authors conclude, underlining that the vaccine is currently the main weapon available against infection and therefore also against Long Covid. .

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