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from tomorrow booking of the third dose for over 60s

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Important news is coming for the Trentino vaccination campaign, in view of the next winter season. The most important concerns the opening of the reservation for the third dose to over 60s and fragile subjects (the latter receive an SMS invitation to book). Reservations are made as always on the online cup of the Provincial Health Services Agency, starting tomorrow at 6 pm, or it is possible to contact the general practitioners who adhere to the campaign. Another interesting novelty concerns the drive through in San Vincenzo in southern Trento, where the Trentino Civil Protection is already working to set up some containers in which vaccinations will be carried out, which will no longer be carried out in their cars. And this to better face the colder season.
The provincial councilor for health, social policies, disability and family Stefania Segnana, the acting director general of Apss Antonio Ferro, the director of the Prevention Department of Apss Maria took stock of the new measures and communicated today’s data of the infection. Grazia Zuccali and the director of the Provincial Hospital Service Pier Paolo Benetollo, during a conference moderated by the press office of the Province, Giampaolo Pedrotti, and broadcast live on Facebook.

Councilor Stefania Segnana with Dr. Pierpaolo Benetollo at this morning’s press conference [
Foto Pier Paolo Pedrotti ]

From the councilor Segnana came a strong call to vaccination, addressed to all those who have not yet carried out it: “From tomorrow at 18, over 60s and frail subjects will be able to book the third dose, the invitation we want to send to the community trentina is to join the campaign and to continue with the known prevention measures, from the mask to hand hygiene, to secure the fragile subjects, health workers and, in general, all of us “.
Especially since the numbers of the infection are increasing, as illustrated by the councilor Segnana: “Today there are 83 infections out of a total of over 11 thousand tampons, 7 classes in quarantine, 27 people in hospital, 2 of which in intensive care and , unfortunately, a death “. In detail, the death concerns an elderly woman with unvaccinated diseases; 23 are then the positive cases for the molecular (out of 579 tests carried out) and 60 for the antigenic (out of 10,726 tests carried out); of the 83 cases, 53 are asymptomatic and 22 pauci-symptomatic, 16 are in the 19-39 age range, 35 in the 40-59 age group and 13 between 60 and 69 years. Molecularists confirmed 37 positivity intercepted in recent days by rapid tests. Lastly, on the vaccination front, 795,671 were reached, of which 2nd dose 365,622 and 3rd dose 15,602.
The general manager Ferro also spoke about the importance of proceeding quickly with the third dose and, more generally, with the vaccination campaign: “The data show that especially in the older age categories it is also necessary to carry out the third dose, whose levels of efficacy and safety are very high, the third dose protects elderly people from hospitalization “. And on this front, it was highlighted that about two thirds of unvaccinated people are currently hospitalized in the wards, a very high percentage also because now the overwhelming majority are vaccinated.
The third dose, like the others, must be booked on the online cup of the Healthcare Company (https://cup.apss.tn.it/webportal/vaccinocovid/main/home), as explained by Dr. Zuccali who explained as up to now, on the part of the over 80s and the guests of the RSA, there has been a high adhesion, as well as on the part of the health personnel where about 2000 vaccinated with the third dose have been reached.
Finally, on how the provincial hospital system is being organized, Dr. Benetollo intervened: “We are already at work this summer to prepare for the winter season, although a series of elements lead us to believe that in the coming months there will be a need for hospitalization. significantly lower than last year, thanks also to vaccination coverage. We are increasing the infectious disease sections of Trento and Rovereto, as well as, in particular, the pulmonology of Arco. The impact will in any case be significant and for the personnel of the Company it will it is a further effort to which they are called “.




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