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From tumors to heart attacks: here are the hospitals with the best performances and the South is improving

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From tumors to heart attacks: here are the hospitals with the best performances and the South is improving

From tumors to operations for hip fractures, passing through heart treatments, the Humanitas Institute of Rozzano (Milan) and the university hospital of the Marches, in Ancona, are the two hospitals that have provided the best care to citizens . The two structures were awarded by the National Agency for Regional Health Services (Agenas) as the only ones to have obtained a “green light”, i.e. a high rating, for at least 6 clinical areas in its latest report which explored the assistance activity of .1,377 public and private hospitals.

The difficult recovery after Covid

The picture provided by the new edition of the National Results Plan speaks of an Italy that is trying, with difficulty, to recover the ground lost due to the Covid-19 emergency. In 2021, 501,158 more hospitalizations were recorded than in 2020, but there are still 1.2 million fewer than in 2019. The analysis took into consideration 194 indicators, relating to both hospital and territorial assistance, such as avoidable hospitalisation, long-term outcomes and improper access to the emergency department. The data show “the stability of the system, in particular for the timeliness of access to urgent care”. As for oncological treatments, in 2020, there was a sharp reduction in operations for breast cancer, with 6,300 fewer hospitalizations than in 2019. In 2021, on the other hand, there was “an important recovery, with an increase of 6,700 operations compared to the previous year and a realignment» compared to pre-Covid.

Breast cancer performance

For breast cancer, to work well, surgeries must perform at least 150 operations a year (as hospital standards predict). In 2021, the number of wards with a volume of activity exceeding the threshold of 150 interventions was 16%. And the cases treated in these departments accounted for 73.6% of the total interventions carried out at a national level. In particular, the 10 operating units that recorded the highest volumes of activity for this tumor refer to the following structures: European Institute of Oncology in Milan; Gemelli University Hospital in Rome; Aou Careggi of Florence; National Cancer Institute of Milan; hospital of Bellaria (Bo), Iov of Padua; Humanitas Catanese Clinical Institute of Misterbianco, Institute of Advanced Technologies of Reggio Emilia, Pisan Aou of Pisa; university hospital of Modena.

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The most timely hospitals in the event of a heart attack, the South ahead

With regard to the timeliness of access to coronary angioplasty (PTCA) in cases of heart attack, the proportion of operations performed within 90 minutes has “remained constant overall in the two-year period”, going from an average value of 49.9% in 2020 to 50, 6% in 2021, however below the hospital standard (60%). Considering the structures with at least 100 heart attacks that require timely PTCA, 60 structures out of 148 reach the 60% threshold. Among the 10 structures that have the highest proportions of primary angioplasty guaranteed within 90′, seven are in the South. Here are the top ten: “Ospedale del Mare” hospital in Naples; university hospital Policlinico Tor Vergata in Rome; “Fabrizio Spaziani” hospital in Frosinone; “John Paul II” hospital in Sciacca; “Maria Vittoria” hospital in Turin: S. Antonio Abate of Erice; Bolzano central hospital; Aou Mater Domini of Catanzaro; Our Lady of Sorrows of Eboli; hospital «Infirms of Rimini».

Few structures above the standard for bypasses

In 2021, the report highlights “a partial recovery of coronary artery bypass surgery” compared to 2020; even if there is still a deviation from the trend of -14% (about 1,900 fewer hospitalizations). Hospital standards provide for a threshold of 200 operations per year and there are few facilities that do. Here they are: “Agostino Gemelli” University Hospital in Rome; Campus Biomedico University Hospital of Rome; Villa Maria Cecilia Hospital of Cotignola (Ra); Aoor “San Giovanni di Dio e Ruggi D’Aragona” of Salerno; hospital “Del Cuore G. Pasquinucci” of Pisa; hospital garrison SS. Annunziata of Chieti; Treviso hospital; Vicenza hospital; Civil hospital of Legnano; nursing home Montevergine Mercogliano (Av); “Umberto I – GM Lancisi” plant in Ancona; Hesperia Hospital SRL of Modena; Aou Mater Domini of Catanzaro; Aou Careggi of Florence; Santa Maria della Misericordia seat of Udine; AO San Camillo Forlanini in Rome.

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