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from vaccines to masks, here’s what changes

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from vaccines to masks, here’s what changes

Vaccines, hygiene, masks, distancing, restrictions and school closures. These are the elements at the center of the new pandemic plan, drawn up by the Government and Regions in view of the expiry of the old document and almost ready for publication.

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The plan, news and confirmations

The new 2024-2028 pandemic plan is in its final stages. The Government and the Regions would in fact be at the final stage of drafting the document on which the agreement will have to be signed at the State-Regions Conference, in view of the expiry of the old plan on January 24th. The new document, which takes into account the indications published by the WHO in 2023, presents some innovations compared to the previous one. The Plan, we read in the summary note, «extends the perimeter to respiratory transmitted pathogens with greater pandemic potential, has a five-year duration and defines a methodological approach that can be applied to pandemics with different epidemiological characteristics in terms of transmissibility, pathogenicity and impact on health and health services”.

In actions to combat a pandemic, the plan, of which ANSA was able to view a draft, considers i vaccines «the most effective preventive measures, characterized by a significantly favorable risk-benefit ratio». It also provides that in emergency conditions, it may become “necessary to impose limitations on the freedoms of individuals in order to protect the health of the community”, specifying that “any restrictions individual freedom must remain in force only as much as is strictly necessary and be proportionate to both the probability and the extent of the event, so that the risks and damages that could arise for individuals are contained and lower than the desired collective benefit”.

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The objectives

Five main objectives have been set: reduce the effects of a pandemic caused by respiratory pathogens on the health of the population, reducing transmission, morbidity and mortality; allow appropriate and timely actions for national and local coordination of emergencies; reduce the impact of the pandemic on health and social services and ensure the continuity of essential services; protect the health of healthcare workers and staff involved in emergency management; inform, involve and empower the community in the response to a pandemic caused by respiratory pathogens.


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