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Frozen food and healthy eating: all the myths to dispel

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Frozen food and healthy eating: all the myths to dispel

Are frozen foods harmful to health? All about frozen and frozen food, and the truth about the myths about it.

Perhaps few know that frozen foods are absolutely not harmful to health, quite the contrary. Often we tend to consider them a sort of “second choice”, which compensates for the lack of fresh food. In reality this is not the case and, conversely, frozen foods may even be preferable to fresh ones for a variety of reasons.

First of all, frozen products are not harmful and should not be avoided. On the contrary! The frozen version of a food can be not only healthier but also more convenient from an economic point of view. Why? While fresh foods should be consumed within a limited time to prevent them from spoiling, frozen foods keep much longer. Furthermore, with frozen foods it is possible to consume only the quantity that is really necessary, thus limiting waste and excesses.

From a healthy point of view, frozen foods have nothing to envy to fresh ones. Modern freezing techniques are specifically designed to preserve all the properties of the food, keeping them intact over time. The sudden change in temperature, which in the case of frozen foods drops to -18 degrees, allows the formation of micro-crystals of water which prevent the dispersion of nutrients. This is why frozen vegetables keep a bright and vibrant color, even more than fresh ones.

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False myths about frozen food: is it really as bad as they say?

Be careful, however, because frozen foods are not all the same. There is a distinction to be made between freezing and freezing. In the first case, the food is gradually brought to a temperature that reaches -30 degrees. Frozen products, as explained before, undergo a sudden drop in temperature. Freezing is a process that cannot be done at home, but freezing can. Foods that have been frozen and then thawed, however, can only be refrozen if cooked.

Frozen foods are convenient and not harmful – (newsby.it)

It often happens to see the indication “frozen product” on restaurant menus. As reported by lacucinaitaliana.it, this is not a symptom of poor attention or inferior quality. In reality, frozen products are much more convenient and controlled, and finding some of them on restaurant menus is synonymous with attention to quality and choice.

Unfortunately, there are still many die-hard myths surrounding frozen foods. The difference with the fresh ones is not in terms of quality as, above all when it comes to vegetables, meat and fish, frozen products are often more convenient in many respects.

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