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Fructose Alert: If you have diabetes, do not eat this fruit

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Fructose Alert: If you have diabetes, do not eat this fruit

Fructose has always been not recommended for diabetics, but fundamentally, like everything, it must not be abused. Let’s discover a study that talks about this element and which fruits are prohibited.

If you have diabetes, do not eat this fruit

Fruits like persimmons, figs, bananas, grapes, dried fruit, candied fruit and canned fruit they are the ones that are generally not recommended for people with diabetes.

However, citrus fruits such as oranges and clementines can be eaten; pears, apples, medlars and peaches. Don’t overdo it with prunes and apricots.

Fructose alarm: here is the study

A study conducted by researchers from the St. Michael’s Hospitalin Canadahas advanced the hypothesis that consuming fructose is not harmful to diabetics but in some cases there may be benefits.

Fructose has been recommended for years to diabetics, both type 1 and type 2, as a substitute for the common white sugar generally used in the daily diet to sweeten foods and drinks. It has a higher sweetening power than sucrose, so it should be used in minimal quantities.

However, some studies point out that despite these good qualities, fruit sugar keeps blood sugar high.

Yes or no? The issue remains open, despite the data presented by the Canadian systematic review which analyzed 18 clinical trials involving 209 participants with type 1 and type 2 diabetes.

They were subjected to diets with fructose as the only supplementary sugar, their blood sugar was stable. However, blood pressure and cholesterol were also good.

Therefore, fructose itself would not be harmful but rather its abuse, like many other foods. The Canadian researchers, while the results of the review are encouraging and shed new light on the controversy surrounding the consumption of fructose in diabetes, underline the need for further study.

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This is because, from previous studies, it appears that the use, in prediabetic subjects, of 40-60gin addition to that contained in fruit, it negatively alters glucose metabolism, increases fatty liver, increases hypertension and insulin resistance.

Therefore, the fructose intake must be evaluated together with the doctor in each case.

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