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Funds for the flood, Bonaccini and Meloni at loggerheads. And whoever has lost everything is always broke

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Funds for the flood, Bonaccini and Meloni at loggerheads.  And whoever has lost everything is always broke

Bologna, 12 August 2023 – Nothing doing, we are at a dead end. Prime Minister Meloni and the governor Bonaccinion the flood theme, they don’t understand each other (or pretend not to understand each other). They write to each other but they don’t talk to each other: not even seeing each other talk about it, even if the president of the Emilia Romagna Region has been asking for it for days a face to face that for now the Prime Minister dribbles. Yesterday Bonaccini replied to Meloni who in turn had written a reply letter to the governor who asked her for a meeting: a perverse round of correspondence, in less than a week.

But let’s go in order and try to understand something more. Between letters, emails and outbursts on the mass media, the number one of Emilia Romagna for some time he complains and attacks the government. “So far you have only done chats and walks. In fact, money and reimbursements, nothing has been seen, not even a euro “. Bonaccini doesn’t put it exactly like this, but that’s the meaning. A concept that he basically repeated yesterday in his answer to Meloni’s answer.

The number one in Italy, with regards to the meaning of the speech, did not directly call Bonaccini a liar, but we are there. And she also teased him by writing: “Haste and frenzy respond to someone’s desire to have more visibility“. The dispute is endless, the real points shared are only two. The first: “We want 100% reimbursement of flood victims“. The second: “We must working together“. All very nice, but it’s a splendid theory.

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Let’s go to practice, with some examples. Meloni, as well as underlining how they have been allocated 4 and a half billion in record time, he says: “20,000 applications for support to private individuals have been presented, more than half of which have already been processed, disbursing more than 30 million euros to families and individuals in the area”. Bonaccini replied yesterday: “Nothing has arrived in terms of compensation to affected families and businesses. The vast majority of businesses to date have not only not received a euro of compensation, but they don’t even know how to deal with the appraisals necessary to obtain the full compensation for damages. And not knowing yet, after three months, how to request reimbursements is simply incredible. So far, the only contributions have been given by the Region”.

The duel has a twist that makes everything even more complicated. We take agriculture. Yesterday various trade associations of Emilia-Romagna, in replying to the prime minister who spoke of the 50 million made available to the ministry to also cover the urgent sums of the sector, explained that nothing was seen. However, it must be said that Meloni, in her letter, had well explained: “For that money the Government awaits the advance request and the necessary delimitation by the Region”. In other words: we give you the money when the Region wakes up.

But Bonaccini says that the Region is more awake than ever and indeed, “if it is in a hurry, it is because the flooded citizens of Emilia Romagna are in a hurry”. The prime minister, in return: “We cannot afford to act in a hurry that has already led to errors that Parliament has remedied, such as the incorrect perimeter of the flooded area retransmitted by the Region to the Government”.

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In this endless quarrel also the real or presumed and unmentionable political strategies of one political party and the other, perhaps in view of the regional elections of 2025 which, clearly stated, are of less interest to the Emilia-Romagna people still affected by the floods than zero. They want facts, answers, money.

The stakes are very high: there are people who will pass the Mid-August in rooms (maybe even shabby) motels. And these gentlemen aren’t on vacation, they just don’t have a house anymore.

This is why it is necessary to start speaking the same language: do it, at least for them.

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