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FX Creations “Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn” modular series package is now on pre-order “Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn”

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Hong Kong bag brand FX Creations announced that they have once again cooperated with “Mobile Suit Gundam UNICORN”, launching a modular package based on the four concepts of unicorn, mourning banshee, Xinanzhou, and Kshatriya in the play, and Pre-order officially launched in Taiwan.

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AGS PRO Suspension Pressure Reducer

Backpacks are equipped with the AGSTM Pro instant suspension decompression system developed by FX Creations. The patented spring decompression device is embedded in the back plate. This AGS exclusive patented technology has been tested and proved to be able to rely on the rebound force generated by the human body when walking. Effectively support the load, and truly feel the pressure-free experience brought by the instant suspension of the backpack.

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Introduction to modular bags

The “Unicorn Gundam” is designed in the form of a tote bag. The front bag can be removed and used as a side backpack independently. There are unique unicorn prints on both the left and right sides.

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The backpack will be designed in the form of “Banshee”. It has a 16-inch laptop and a 10-inch tablet with independent compartments, as well as multiple storage spaces. The small bag at the front of the backpack can be detached to become a side backpack, which increases the convenience when traveling.

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“Xin’anzhou” is designed in the form of a messenger bag, with a 14-inch laptop storage bag inside, which can prevent the laptop from being scratched by other items. It has an extra layer of protection and can also be taken out for use separately.

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“Kshatriya” will be designed in the form of a backpack in the future. The small back backpack at the front is a sports water bag, which can be removed and used independently, or combined with the back backpack. Gundam fans who like climbing must have one!

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Series peripherals

This time the small objects series has beach chairs. It is really cool. It can also be matched with the Xinanzhou beach towels and the Gundam water cup series. How can you not collect such cool surrounding small objects?

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Pre-order offer is limited to 100 people

The pre-order benefits are the same, limited to new FX Creations Gundam products, a funeral banshee water cup for over 3,500, and a Xinanzhou beach chair for over 6,000.


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