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G7, ‘Russia to withdraw its troops from Ukraine immediately’. New sanctions against Moscow, diamonds are also affected

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The G7 urges Russia to end “its ongoing aggression and immediately, completely and unconditionally withdraw its troops and military equipment from the entire territory of Ukraine”. Russia’s aggression against Ukraine, reads a note from the leaders of the Big Seven meeting in Hiroshima, “constitutes a violation of international law, in particular of the UN Charter”. While, “a just peace cannot be achieved without the complete and unconditional withdrawal of Russian troops and military equipment.” He also condemns “for Russia’s irresponsible nuclear rhetoric”.


G7 also agreed new sanctions to ‘sawn Russia’s war machine’. In order to reduce Russia’s revenues, diamond exports have come under fire: to this end, “we will continue to work closely to limit the trade and use of diamonds mined, processed or produced in Russia, engaging with key partner in order to ensure the effective implementation of coordinated restrictive measures, including through tracking technologies”.

The promise of the G7 leaders is to prevent Russia from taking the West’s technology, industrial equipment and services “that support its war machine. We will continue to protect agricultural, medical and humanitarian products from our restrictive measures and we will every effort to avoid potential repercussions on third countries”. The note also speaks of the tightening of the avoidance of sanctions, focusing on coordination to improve the effectiveness of the restrictive measures. While, another important point is “the invitation to third parties to immediately stop providing material support to Russia’s aggression”, as well as the prevention and response to third parties “supplying arms” to Moscow’s troops. Furthermore, more efforts will be made to prevent the Russian Federation from gaining access to the international financial system, by blocking the escape of crude oil and refined petroleum products, tracing their origin. “We will also continue efforts to reduce Russia’s revenues from metals. We also remain committed to supporting price ceilings on Russian oil and petroleum products and will step up our efforts to counter evasion of these ceilings, while avoiding the effects of spillover and maintaining the global energy supply”. No impunity “for war crimes and other atrocities, such as Russia’s attacks against civilians and critical civilian infrastructure”, the G7 leaders remarked, promising support to the most vulnerable countries.

The decision joins the one announced by the United Kingdom which in turn announced sanctions against Russia’s mining sector, targeting imports of aluminum, diamonds, copper and nickel in a bid to limit Moscow’s ability to finance its war in Ukraine. “As the sanctions announced today show, the G7 remains united in the face of the threat from Russia and firm in its support” in Kiev, said British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak.

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And he was echoed by the president of the European Council Charles Michel, who explained that the EU “will limit the trade in Russian diamonds” as part of the sanctions against the invasion of Ukraine. “Russian diamonds are not forever,” Michel joked to the pressconfirming an imminent EU measure after the embargo already announced by the United Kingdom on these precious stones which bring in several billion dollars to Moscow every year.

The British crackdown also affects businesses and people connected to Russia’s ability to finance and conduct war. It also affects individuals and entities linked to the theft and resale of Ukrainian grain, as well as targeting Russia’s major energy and arms companies, as well as companies linked to Rosatom, which produce advanced materials and technologies, including lasers.

“Putin and his supporters owe, and will pay, the price for the illegal invasion of Ukraine. That is why through today’s new sanctions we are increasing the economic pressure on Putin, making it more difficult for him to wage his illegal war and inflict untold suffering on innocent Ukrainians,” British Foreign Minister James Cleverly said. “We will continue to increase this pressure and crack down on forms of circumvention until Ukraine prevails and peace is secured. Our support for Kiev is unwavering and will remain so as long as necessary,” he said.

The comment by Russian leader Vladimir Putin was immediate: despite the sanctions and “unfair competition” from the West, he said, Russia remains one of the leaders in the arms and military equipment market in the world.

The world diamond market “is fluid and full of alternative destinations”, said Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov after the statements of the
G7, the EU and Great Britain of wanting to introduce sanctions on the trade of diamonds mined in Russia. “If the purchases stop in one place, they start in another,” added Peskov, quoted by the Interfax news agency.

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The G7 summit in Japan will also be attended by Ukrainian President Zelensky, as confirmed by the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine. This is the head of state’s first visit to Asia since the start of the Russian invasion. “Who would have doubted that our president would not be present at the G7 summit in Hiroshima, we were sure that our president would be present, wherever the country needs it, anywhere in the world, to solve the sustainability problems of our country,” the secretary of the council told Ukrainian TV. In Hiroshima “very important measures will be taken and therefore the physical presence of Zelensky is absolutely important to defend the interests of the country”.

Before reaching Japan for the G7, Zelensky will make a stop in Saudi Arabia where he will participate in the Arab League summit. Bloomberg reports it citing anonymous sources. After the summit, Zelensky will fly a US military plane to Japan. According to a Reuters source however, the Ukrainian president will leave the Saudi city of Jeddah on a French government plane.


The first working session of the G7 kicked off in Hiroshima, with a focus on cooperation and the global economy. Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida, landlord, introduced the works. The Prime Minister, Giorgia Meloni, was sitting at the table between the President of the European Council Charles Michel and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

In his speech during the working session, focused on the global economy, Meloni underlined that “we need a better and more effective collaboration with the Global South. It is therefore necessary to work together to shape a free and open international economic orderfocus on expanding trade relations while remaining steadfast on the principles of openness, transparency, fair competition (because no market can be free unless it is also fair) and the rule of law”.

For the Prime Minister “there was a superficial reading of the risks of globalisation, autocracies have strengthened, democracies have weakened. We must regain control of the strategic value chains”.

Giorgia Meloni, according to what is learned from Italian sources, also met the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Rishi Sunak, on the sidelines of the G7 meeting in Hiroshima. The meeting took place a few weeks after the fruitful visit to London at the end of April where the two heads of government signed a memorandum of understanding on bilateral cooperation. The intensity of the continuous dialogue between Meloni and Sunak, observe the same sources, testifies to how relations between Italy and the United Kingdom are experiencing a strong revival.

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The premier then met the German chancellor Olaf Scholz on the sidelines of the G7 meeting in Hiroshima. At the center of the talks, also in view of the forthcoming visit to Italy of the head of the German government, the growth of synergies between the industrial systems of Italy and Germany, the largest in Europe.

Before the start of the G7, the Italian Prime Minister visited the Hiroshima Peace Museum. “Today we bow our heads and stop in prayer. Today let us not forget that darkness does not have the last word. Today we remember the past to write a future of hope together. Giorgia Meloni”, she wrote in the Book of honor. Each leader’s message will then be carved on a stone stele placed near the memorial.

Visit to the Itsukushima shrine on Miyajima island for the leaders of the G7, during a break in the work of the summit after the session on Ukraine. On the way Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni spoke with US President Joe Biden and EU Commission President Ursula von der Leyen: the three at the head of the group, with Biden in the center, chatted for a few minutes. After the visit, always on the island of Miyajima, there will be a working dinner between the leaders in which foreign and security policy will be discussed with the attention focused on the Indo-Pacific and on non-proliferation and nuclear disarmament.

During the G7 working dinner, Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni showed the leaders pictures of the flood which in the last few hours has hit Italy, and Emilia Romagna in particular. After seeing the situation from the prime minister’s mobile phone, according to what is learned from Italian sources, some leaders called their ambassadors in Italy to get more information.

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