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[Game News]Diablo 2: Hellfire Rebirth Development Team Interview-ezone.hk-Game Animation-Esports Games

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“Diablo 2: Hellfire Rebirth” was launched. This classic action role-playing work released in 2000 is “resurrected” with contemporary technology, allowing players from all over the world to join the Dark Purgatory again. Interviews from the development team shared the behind-the-scenes journey with players.

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“Diablo 2: Hellfire Rebirth” is a remake of “Diablo 2” and expansions released in 2000. It is based on the original game engine and parameters, combined with contemporary technology to upgrade the rendering quality and sound effects, and does not affect The game’s core experience improvements and other fine-tuning, the remastered version immediately attracted the attention of fans around the world. “Diablo 2: Rebirth from Hellfire” design director Rob Gallerani and senior technical director Michael Bukowski were interviewed by the media to share development details and respond to player opinions.

The classic feel of the host “remake”
Although “Diablo 2: Hellfire Rebirth” was a PC “remake” of the year, it was also the first multi-platform release on a game console. Design director Rob said that although there was no console version that year, the team’s design goal was to reproduce “those years.” They took great pains to improve the feel of the game’s hand control. The biggest challenge is to simulate the original mouse operation in the hand control. On the other hand, the game supports cross-platform progress sharing, but the cross-platform play features that more players hope to achieve. Senior technical director Michael confirmed that there is a plan. Although the initial launch failed to support, the team is still working hard to adjust. The Nintendo Switch version has a small number of multiplayer players to accommodate the portable mode screen and avoid excessive game information from interfering with the player’s operating experience. For the console controller, the game will also support the vibration function. The DualSense controller on the PS5 has more tactile feedback that is not available in the past, but the adaptive trigger is not used because the game mechanism is not compatible.

Seven-three principle strengthens the details
“Diablo 2: Hellfire Rebirth” is based on the original PC code and parameters, superimposed on contemporary 3D rendering technology, sound effects, hand control support, etc. At the same time, the cutscenes are remade, and the game details experience is improved. Compared with the previous remake of “StarCraft” It’s much more complicated. Rob mentioned that the team has carefully considered reproducing the game mechanics and even specific bugs. If the players have long been agreed, they will try their best not to change them to achieve a nostalgic feeling. After upgrading the technology, it is inevitable that there will be holes and holes. Michael said that the team used the “73” principle to supplement the details, and the original content accounted for 70%. For example, 3D modules and animations are upgraded to 4K high-definition widescreen. The details and actions of the characters on the screen are more obvious. The team needs to add additional ambient and background sound effects, and even armor collision sounds. Some cutscenes also have minor changes to the mirror movement. Shows texture. However, there are also a small amount of art materials in the game, such as monster modules, which need to be reworked over the years.

“Old school” is the selling point
After the establishment of the action role-playing genre in “Diablo”, there have been works for many years. The mechanics of similar games have been improved a lot, even though there are huge differences from “Diablo 3”, such as item drops, identification, etc. Rob believes that this kind of “old school” nostalgia is a selling point. Many of the contents of “Diablo 2” combined with its technology, current situation, and developer enthusiasm at the time have created a generation of classics. Although the game is a work 20 years ago, an active player community has always existed. The team hopes to pay tribute to the players that support it, and also hopes that the remake will bring a new generation of players. And thank the players for their valuable suggestions during the game release and technical testing. I hope that players will enjoy the game like the team and return to the game world of “Diablo 2”. Michael believes that the launch of the console version will allow seasoned players to reminisce about the classics on non-PC devices. They can also attract players who came into contact with the work after “Diablo 3”, and even new ARPG players, who can experience the classics of the game on all platforms .

In addition, one week after the game’s launch, the official Diablo Quick Kill Challenge will be held at 6 pm on October 2 to find the god-level players who can defeat Diablo the fastest. The game starts from now until September 30. All Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan players will be open for team registration on the same day. For details, please refer to[Official Instructions].

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