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“Heartstone” launched a new “Mercenary Team” mode. The development team recently accepted media interviews to share the design concepts of the new mode.

  • New “Mercenary Team” mode in Hearthstone
  • Development team interview

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“Heartstone” game director Ben Lee and production director Nathan Lyons-Smith

The new “Mercenary Team” mode of the card battle game Hearthstone was launched. Game Director Ben Lee and Production Director Nathan Lyons-Smith recently interviewed to share the secrets of the development of this large-scale new mode with the media and players. Director Ben said that the game team has been continuously improving the fun of the game. The internal vote of “Mercenary Team” has the highest support. He believes that the character upgrade has the feel of an RPG work, which is different from the existing gameplay. Production Director Nathan added that after developing the “Hero Battlefield”, the team wanted to expand the gameplay to attract different types of players. In early 2020, it was decided to develop the “Mercenary Team” and arrange manpower. Although it happened to be in the epidemic, the team needed to adjust the development tools and work processes, and the overall situation went smoothly without frustration.

Deck and level design
The “Mercenary Team” has only three cards in the game. Ben admitted that the team had discussed it and finally decided that the three cards are in line with the three types of role positioning. He hopes that players will be easier to use and still retain considerable depth. Players don’t have to remember too many decks. News. Although this move will cause insufficient randomness of the token group, it still has a considerable degree of strategic requirements in conjunction with other random elements such as route maps, equipment, treasures, etc. It is more like a Japanese RPG training team upgrade, and the enemies and dropped items are random. Decide.

In terms of card training, Ben mentioned that new mercenary characters can run more primary missions to upgrade, or use the way to follow the group, put the characters in the reserve area, as long as they successfully pass the level, they can also get the same experience points to upgrade, and they may consider it in the future. More ways to upgrade quickly. At present, I hope that players will try more play styles and combinations. In addition, Diablo of “Diablo” was added to the new mode for the first time. Ben said that the game was originally a fantasy literary style. It is reasonable to add the demon Diablo, but he also cited the role of joining the “StarCraft” series. It may be abrupt, but it does not deny the possibility of future development.

The first single-player PvE uses an average of 9 reward mission levels. The team believes that the length is considered good. As for the future development, there is still room for future development. For example, the concept of increasing the number of mercenaries and extending the map. Observe the player’s reaction and upgrade practices before reviewing. Director Ben feels that everyone has different ways of playing. There are a lot of mercenaries in the new mode. It takes hundreds of game hours to collect all of them. The team hopes to release content at a fixed time, so that players feel that “Mercenary Team” is also a basic mode, a “hero battlefield”. “Outside everyone will like the model.

Essentials of PvP
“Heartstone” focuses on the player’s PvP experience. The “Mercenary Team” can unlock the PvP mode after playing to a certain level. Players must master the detailed characteristics of each mercenary in order to calculate the tactics. The difficulty of getting started seems to be relatively high. Game director Ben believes that the design is not too difficult. The upgrade process of the mercenary team is gradual. Players can be familiar with different skills during the process. After the cap, the character skills will be different from those of ordinary players. The PVE mode mainly depends on the enemy’s actions and how to deal with countermeasures. The PVP mode is to formulate a strategy first to understand the combination of main and auxiliary mercenaries. In the battle, only the enemy equipment can be seen, but the opponent’s skills and speed cannot be known. , It’s more like having a set of play styles and predicting the opponent’s actions to deal with. In terms of combat for high-level players, I want everyone to have a little idea about the depth of tactics. There are low-level PVP tests within the team. The effect is small but it is also very fun.

As for the matching of the PVP mode, Ben said that the system considers a lot of elements, and the core and biggest principle is that “the two are competing in a fair game.” In the standard mode, it depends on the platoon and the role level, but in the “mercenary team” “There are character levels, equipment, skill levels, six mercenaries, etc., and there will be more different designs to make everyone feel that PVP is fun, fun and fair. When the system fails to match the players who are close in time, the system will let the computer AI on top. I hope PVP is fun but not cruel, and any player will be rewarded with equal pay. In addition, the current PVP mode does not support the expression function. The team said that if the player wants it, it will consider it again, because it hopes that the rhythm is fast and exciting. The player spends more time in combining characters and strategies. The rhythm will be very faster than the standard mode. It seems that adding expressions Not very suitable. However, the team will still listen to the opinions of players and does not exclude the addition of relevant features. “Heartstone” and the latest “Mercenary Team” mode are now available for free download and play on mobile and PC platforms.

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