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Game of the Year, the film that tells video games without telling video games

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The best way to tell a world like that of the video game is not to tell it. And therefore just spy on him through the keyhole, to mention it, to grasp all its aspects without ever talking about it directly, giving space to the protagonists, grasping the very essence of certain meetings and certain events in silence, and immortalizing the ingenuity – and the sweetness, and the truth – of those who it is part of it in the private sector.

To photograph normality, there is no need to romanticize it; there is no need to look for the absurd or the unbelievable. You need to know how to listen and recognize it.

In Game of the Year, awarded Best Film at the Biografilm Festival (ex aequo with I remain by Michele Aiello) and produced by Withstand, director Alessandro Redaelli always manages to stay one step behind, always on the sidelines, to document the life of streamers and gamers, of developers and artists without ever asking a question, without ever intervening directly. It limits itself to observing and capturing phrases, confessions, doubts. There is Simone Granata, game designer, who believes in his game and is ready to do anything to see it realized: traveling, investing money and energy; tell it to anyone, anywhere, without ever sparing. But there are also those who, like Matteo Corradini, change jobs, change their lives, and completely abandon themselves to the video game: “My goal – he says at one point – is to be able to develop another one in three years, without problems. Not to earn, not to be rich, but to be able to do what I want to do “.

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I study

59% of women prefer to hide their gender when playing online

by Alessandra Contin

The many faces of Game of the Year
Ciaomia e Attrix instead they are two professional streamers and they are the two sides of the same coin: they are what people want, what they are looking for, they are always on Twitch and they are like two friends, like two people you seem to have known forever. However, they too have a life and a story, they too, like everyone, have to constantly face challenges and doubts. Then, there is Sabaku no Maiku, who was born as a youtuber and has made a mission of video games: he tries to analyze them in detail, he wants to bring people closer, go beyond clichés and indifference, he wants to talk about them without limits, without restraints, with dignity. He holds meetings and conferences, and his videos and live shows on Twitch they are small essays for images: detailed, passionate and cared for.

Giuseppe Mancini is obsessed with work and is obsessed with games, stories, the infinite worlds he imagines and tries to recreate: he has become game designer after having dreamed of being a writer for a long time. “And I’ve written about things – he says – I’ve written a lot”. At a certain point, however, he realized that it wasn’t enough, that he wanted something else, he wanted another language: “We are doomed to succeed”, he explains.

The story of Reynor, pro-gamer and world champion of Starcraft II, speaks of talent and destiny, of those who make it and reach very high levels. His life is his family, it is his father and mother who support him and never leave him alone, they are the tournaments and they are the challenges. Finally, the N0cs experience becomes a magnifying glass on fatigue and effort, on insistence, on awareness and the concreteness of choices: this is not a shortcut, but a continuous crossroads. And it is perpetually uphill.

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2020, the year in which Italians discovered eSports

by Lorenzo Fantoni

Video games, joys and sorrows of a passion
In conclusion, Game of the Year it brings together all aspects of the gaming world, and does it intelligently. It does not seek compromise or sensationalism. It shows the ups and downs, it shows the failures, the stubbornness and even the power that video games can sometimes have. Because they unite people, they collect them, they don’t push them away. And because they can be a source of inspiration. There are passion and success, then there are a thousand other things, plus small and subtle, terrible and distressing, which are part of everyday life, of everyday life: a defeat, the budget not found, the hours spent in front of the computer programming, reviewing, programming again; the quick fingers, the sliding mouse, and the clicking of the keys. Click, click, click. New match.

Video games, after all, aren’t just one thing – it’s interesting to explore the behind the scenes of those who make them and imagine them, of those who want to try to leave a mark, of those who see not only the playful aspect, but above all the artistic one. There is no more or less right way to tell them, there are not only good and evil: video games are complicated, as complicated are the people who make them.

Redaelli, flanked by the screenplay by Daniele Fagone and Ruggero Melis, with the advice of Francesco Fossetti, he collects more textures, more red threads and knots them, he enjoys following them and making them meet; he enjoys watching them from afar, without forcing them, without exploiting any narrative artifice. Simply waiting for the right moment. And that’s just the best thing about it Game of the Year: is able to give a voice to a piece of society that is often forgotten and set aside, and which instead, for dedication and creative vein, can be a real resource.

In the end Reynor wins: he overturns the result, goes against all expectations and demonstrates that there is not only hope, there is not only silent prayer: pro-gaming is a reality and must be treated as such. Esports have their own weight and dimension, and must be recognized. Whoever writes, designs, plans and imagines video games is a professional and an artist. But there is also the reasonableness of those who continue to work, of those who, while dreaming, try to keep their feet on the ground. And it does it despite everything: despite the no, despite the criticism, despite the fatigue. Why video games are a very serious thing.


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