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[Game Trial]Battlefield 2042: the front line of the difficult battlefield-ezone.hk-game animation-e-sports games

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The latest episode of “Battlefield 2042” was launched. Players in the series have been waiting for a long time, and the more expectations they have, the higher the expectations. Compared with the previous two episodes, there are some obvious changes, and the first issue is inevitable.

  • “Battlefield 2042”
  • New multiplayer focus
  • There are more problems with the game’s first launch

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“Battlefield” has long used a large-scale war experience as a selling point, allowing players to conquer the battle with 32 people/64 people, etc., and the frontline battlefield feels very real. Coming to the latest episode, the single-player campaign in Battlefield 2042 was completely cancelled, and there were only some fragmented surrounding character backgrounds. Despite the appearance of old characters, the player’s sense of engagement was not high. The common US-Russian matchup setting in the game has become even more common. Vagueness is optional. In short, players from two camps have to seize the territory, either you die or I die.

The available characters in the game “Battlefield 2042” become well-known “experts”, adding talents and exclusive skills and equipment, which can complement each other on the battlefield. The system design is to subdivide the previous assault, support, medical, reconnaissance and other types of arms, and cater to the ultra-large-scale map with a maximum of 128 people (PC/PS5/XBSX|S only) in the same field. There are no restrictions on the use of basic weapons. Every expert can use them, but the battlefield positioning may not be so good. Therefore, the team’s actions and tactics are actually more important in this episode. You cannot blindly rush to the position to grab points, and you must make good use of mechanical weapon vehicles. .

The main modes of “Battlefield 2042” are: “Total War”, “Dangerous Area” and “Battlefield Entrance”. “Total War” is based on conquering and breakthrough gameplay with up to 128 players playing against each other. The map has dynamic weather, environmental hazards and random world events. , Such as tornadoes or sandstorms, will cause players to be injured and paralyzed vehicles, etc., have the opportunity to change the situation of the battle. In the “Dangerous Area”, 32 people compete in a team battle. The goal is to collect disks and evacuate to survive. There are certain upgrades and team equipment skills requirements. It feels similar to the variant gameplay of “Battle Royale”. The “Battlefield Entrance” contains old units and map resources, and provides editing functions to allow players to create their own map gameplay. In multiplayer games, the gameplay is considered acceptable.

However, the starting state of this episode is still not ideal. There are various abnormalities in connection quality, gun parameters, etc. The new interface is not easy to operate, and many details of previous battles have disappeared, which will make old players very uncomfortable. The upgraded physical rendering of the Frostbite engine and 128-player battles have led to a significant increase in the requirements of the PC version. Many players have performance problems. Although the Xbox Series X|S version is smooth, problems such as unstable connection and gun parameters still need to be resolved by the official update. Players with old-generation consoles and computers with ordinary configurations may also be allowed to change the machine and wait for the game to be updated. “Battlefield 2042” is broadly innovative in scale, but it has lost a lot of its essence.

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