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[Game Trial]Diablo 2: Hellfire Rebirth and Destroy the Demons and Depart again-ezone.hk-Game Animation-E-sports Games

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The classic action role-playing game “Diablo 2: Hellfire Rebirth” was launched, which “upgraded” the game 20 years ago, allowing players to reminisce about the experience of “departing again”.

  • “Diablo 2: Hellfire Rebirth” launched
  • Original program upgrade technology
  • Cross-platform host porting

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The pinnacle of the series
The starting point of the “Diablo” series is a traditional table game. Players play different roles on the board to fight against evil forces. The randomness of the dice is used to increase game changes. The first game was released in 1997 and replaced with a computer role-playing game. Reflecting the elements of the action game, the concept is unprecedented, the diversification of character training, the typical Middle-earth story setting of defeating the devil, and the possibility of online connection and cooperative play became the craze at that time. When it came to 2000, “Diablo 2” reached its peak. As for “Diablo 3”, the big change in style is another story. It is an indisputable fact that there are still a large number of players playing “Diablo 2” online for many years. Under the nostalgic trend in the industry, it seems reasonable to “remake” the game.

Stacking new technology
At the programming level, “Diablo 2: Hellfire Rebirth” is more like a major software upgrade. The original code is used, and the 3D rendering and operation improvements of modern games are superimposed. Therefore, it can be used to save the old single-player characters, and even play in the “low-definition” mode. The original mechanism is basically retained. “Diablo 2: Rebirth of Hellfire” is superimposed with a new 3D rendering method, which is the same as the current game. The mods and actions of characters and monsters are more detailed than those of the past. Magic special effects, etc., follow the original art design, which can be achieved from today’s perspective. Basic level, support 4K HDR 60fps output, dark and damp caves, hell flame levels are more vivid, cutscenes are now the same factory’s consistent movie quality. In addition, the sound effects of the game are more detailed and support the surround sound of the headset, and the echo of the monsters coming from the depths of the maze under the classic music is more realistic and terrifying.

Adjust expectations
Nowadays, action role-playing games have been greatly improved and changed. Many game mechanics of “Diablo 2: Hellfire Rebirth”, such as saving and item management, are complicated, and there are few game tips and teachings. I have only played “Diablo 3” or New players will find it difficult to get started, and the development team will try to improve the details and strike a balance between “original” and convenience. In addition to the PC version, the game can also be played on the console by hand. The Switch version is more complicated because of the more complicated character skills. You can get used to the feel after freely binding the button. There is also a “low-definition” classic mode that can be switched. Online character progress can be cross-platform reserved and cross-generation host connection, but the first release does not support cross-platform connection. The excitement of loyal fans returning to purgatory is understandable. New players must be psychologically prepared. The learning curve of the game is relatively long, and the final game experience will be different from the current work.

“Diablo 2: Hellfire Rebirth”
Flatbed: PC / Playstation / Xbox / Switch
Type: Action RPG

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