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“Pokémon Crystal Diamonds” and “Pokémon Bright Pearls” were launched. The NDS version at that time was reproduced. Apart from recreating the original story, there are also new changes in the details. Both old and new trainers will find it interesting.

  • “Pokémon Crystal Diamond”
  • “Pokémon Bright Pearl”
  • Improve original details
  • New content

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“Pokémon Crystal Diamond/Bright Pearl” is a remake of the old Nintendo DS console. It not only retains the story of the current version, but also uses the current game engine technology to restore the towns and roads of the Shenao area according to the original size. Like the previous version, it was released in two versions. The difference is that the legendary Pokémon that the protagonist meets is “Diyaluka” and “Palukia”. The Pokémon included in the two versions will be slightly different. Increase the motivation to exchange with other players. The locations of the “Shen’ao Region” are basically unchanged. Players who have memories of the old work can set out for adventure again with their memories. The new generation of players who started with “Sword/Shield” may feel that the style of painting becomes a bit uncomfortable, but players who are used to 2D pixels in the old work are more kind. The story performance and the battle of Pokémon are obvious. Enhanced. Of course, the game officially adds Chinese subtitles, which is more friendly to Chinese language players. Note that the game will be bound to the archive after the language is initially selected. You can only delete files and reselect, which is somewhat inconvenient.

Since the old work was launched on the Nintendo DS console, the interface has been adjusted. The old version of the touch-sensitive watch has been reduced to the corners, and the functions have been improved, such as the integration of the Pokémon skills for crossing obstacles, and the button functions have also been improved and simplified. , There will be a clearer indication of the main line destination on the world map, and automatic archiving and other functions are provided. The configuration of Pokémon has also been adjusted and changed. The initial Pokémon types are more abundant, the team experience points are divided more efficiently, the battle can skip special effects, etc., and details such as hidden supply items are added in the grass. Pokémon cultivation efficiency is higher than the original version. Additional content such as “Gorgeous Contest” and “Underground Passage” have been significantly changed, there is a brand new “Rose Park”, etc., and decorations can also be added to the pokeball, making the game feel familiar and fresh.

“Pokémon Crystal Diamond”, “Pokémon Bright Pearl”
Platform: Nintendo Switch
Type: Role playing
Price: HK$429
*The demo game software is provided by Nintendo (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd.

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