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[Game Trial]”The Circle of Eldon” network closed beta exploration and battle more detailed-ezone.hk-game animation-e-sports games

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“Eldon’s Circle” has recently held an online closed beta, and lucky players can take the lead to try it out, that is, see the preliminary report of the text.

  • “Elden’s Ring” network packaging and testing
  • Preliminary trial report

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With the next-generation Playstation 5/Xbox Series X|S, “The Ring of Eldon” was released recently. Online closed beta test was held. ezone.hk was invited to try it out. The game uses a wider open world design called “Junction Land”. The world of “Dark Souls” is larger in detail and scope than the previous “Dark Souls” series. You can see more mountains and mountains and distant horizons. There will be different places in the wilderness with enemies and powerful enemies guarding them, and there will be a lot of underground The maze can be explored and challenged. The size of the map will also be added to the spirit horse to speed up the movement, and even fight immediately.

The combat system is much the same as the previous “Dark Souls”. It requires one sword and one sword to be careful to see the weaknesses of the enemy’s attack, but the flexibility combines some of the advantages of “Sekiro”, in addition to adding jumps and combining jump attacks, even There is squatting and sneaking, which is easier to play with backstabs. There are also new systems such as “Combat Skills” and “Summon of Souls”. The “Combat Skills” has a dedicated FP meter, which can use different techniques such as short-range sword wind, magic, etc., to increase combat changes. “Soul Call” can increase NPC combat power to distract the enemy when there is no player connection and cooperation.

There are certain changes to the item system. Players can purchase from merchants or collect raw materials, and then carry out simple synthesis after obtaining the tool kit. The potion system is divided into two types according to the HP/FP rods. It can be used in the “blessing” rest area (that is, the former bonfire) to adjust the proportion of the number of uses, etc., to increase strategy. Benefiting from the ability of the new generation of consoles, the meticulousness of “The Circle of Eldon” has been greatly improved, the world is more spacious, and the content of fighting and exploration is richer. It is extremely attractive to the “Dark Souls” series players who like to challenge survival. “The Circle of Elden” is scheduled to be launched on February 25, 2022.

[Eligible players network test time (HK time)]
November 12, 2021 19:00~22:00
November 13, 2021 11:00~14:00
November 14, 2021 03:00~06:00
November 14, 2021 19:00~22:00
November 15, 2021 11:00~14:00

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