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[Game Trial]The Difficulty of the Ring of Eldon is still a new start- ezone.hk – Game Anime- E-Sports Game

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[Game Trial]The Difficulty of the Ring of Eldon is still a new start- ezone.hk – Game Anime- E-Sports Game

Since its release, “Ayrden’s Circle” has attracted the attention of players of the “Dark Souls” series. The game’s pre-sale was temporarily suspended due to too many players snapping up. The official launch of the work has not lived up to the expectations of fans. The ability to improve, the core gameplay has also been improved from the past works, but it does not mean that the difficulty of the game has decreased. Players must be fully prepared for new challenges.

  • Ayrdon Circle Trial
  • Free open world map exploration
  • Combat changes are rich

FromSoftware.’s “Dark Souls” series of works repackages the ultra-difficult gameplay of the early video game era, and the Middle-earth style has become a favorite work of many core players. The Japanese-style “Sekiro” was also well received. The Ring of Eldon, launched with the new generation console, can be regarded as inheriting the essence of previous episodes, combined with the powerful functions of the new console. This episode of the game has the background of George RR Martin, the author of “A Song of Ice and Fire”. Players who like this kind of story will be delighted. Producer Hidetaka Miyazaki has also injected a higher degree of freedom into the game system.

All roads lead to golden trees

The world map of “Ayrden’s Circle” is extremely vast, much larger than “Sekiro”, and you can call the spirit horse to ride and move. For the above “Sekiro”, the map of the work also has a sense of scale, and the terrain changes greatly, but the feeling of “Ayrden’s Circle” goes further, with plain cliffs, abyss canyons, cave swamps, huge castles, etc. The style and atmosphere, and the weather changes, the visual impact is very strong. There will be strong enemies such as giants or flying dragons in various regions, and there are hidden mazes to find. It is recommended to choose the weak and attack to accumulate strength.

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In the open world that the game advertises, the idea is that players can use Lingma to move around to explore. There are rarely fixed strong enemies blocking the only way to go. Under normal circumstances, there are hidden paths. Players need to spend some patience to find other shortcuts. In this episode, players can use jumping and crouching stealth actions to increase movement and combat variation. In order to advance the story, some powerful enemies are inevitable, but knowing that they cannot be defeated, players can retreat to other places to practice levels and find powerful equipment and skills, and then come back to challenge. This gives players the opportunity to switch directions and reduce frustration and level issues. Encountering more NPC characters also means there are more opportunities to strengthen abilities.

Cooperative play is very beneficial

The character creation of “Ayrden’s Circle” is similar to that of the “Dark Souls” series. You can choose from ten occupations, and the initial ability points are different. Moreover, the weapon skill “Battle Ash” in this episode is very easy to use. Powerful “Battle Ashes” can be multiplied with weapons. There are various ways to get started. Magic attacks and prayer multiplications can also be learned by finding NPCs or meeting conditions. In addition, there are many changes in the accessories. Recipe crafting items is more important.

Character training is free, but novice players still find it difficult to face the difficulty of the game. The multi-player cooperation has been improved in “Elden’s Circle”. It is easier for players to create props in the early stage to find cooperative players for help, or choose to summon soul NPCs, which are slightly scattered. The enemy’s attention uses wave-like offensives to improve the results, which is an extremely important skill in the pioneering period.

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Try the Xbox Series X version. The game provides performance mode and image quality mode. In the image quality mode, you can see the texture of the castle walls in the middle and far distances under the large 4K TV. The combat effect of 30fps is satisfactory, and the performance mode is 60fps. Of course, it is better, and it can be adjusted according to the size of the display. Benefiting from the host’s SSD storage, the average loading time after death is about ten seconds. Such a huge map reading speed is ideal. “Ayrden’s Circle” is still dominated by core players, and new contacts should look for more strategy information, and only after the pioneering period will they feel the charm of the work.

Game Name: Eldon Circle
平台:PlayStation 5/PlayStation 4/Xbox Series X|S/Xbox One/STEAM
Genre: Action RPG
Subtitles: Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese

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