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Broadcast: Garden: All carrots, or what?! | 03/01/2023 | 7:00 p.m. | by Ralph Walter

36 Min
| Available until 02/26/2025

Fresh home-grown vegetables needn’t remain an unfulfilled dream even for those who don’t have their own garden. More and more farmers are offering leasehold beds on arable land. These plots are often already planted. The hobby gardeners then only have to tend the beds and water the vegetable plants regularly. If you are now trying to get a leasehold bed, you can start growing vegetables in good time in the spring.

The prices for leased beds on arable land vary depending on the size and the amount of preliminary work that has already been done. In the Hanover region, for example, there are leased beds measuring 25 square meters at a price of 150 euros. The beds are handed over fully planted and the selection of vegetables is extremely extensive. There are early and late potatoes and carrots, onions, lettuce, French beans, parsnips, spinach, pumpkins, zucchini, tomatoes and radishes, among others. With the harvest, a household consisting of two people can provide itself with its own vegetables. For larger households, 50 square meter areas are also available. Even absolute gardeners need not be afraid of failing when growing vegetables, because the landlord is always available to answer any questions. Experience has also shown that experienced hobby gardeners also support beginners. The season lasts until the end of October. Green manure is then applied to allow the areas to recover.

There is more on the subject in the garden podcast “Everything carrot, or what?!” listen.

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