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Gardening tips for August | > – Guide – Garden

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Gardening tips for August |  > – Guide – Garden

Status: 07/03/2023 2:33 p.m

In August, the growth of the plants slows down. Lawns can now be boosted again with a nitrogen- or phosphorus-oriented fertilizer to strengthen them. In autumn, lawns then need a potassium-rich fertilizer. Scarifying is also still possible. Fruit trees and berry bushes now tolerate pruning, as this promotes fruit production in the coming year.

Divide perennials and transplant evergreens

Perennials that flowered in spring or early summer can be divided in August. Autumn perennials, which can be planted at this time of year, provide fresh color in the bed. Evergreen plants such as rhododendrons, conifers and holly can be transplanted from the end of the month. They still form plenty of roots until winter.

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