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Gas to the stars, the Municipality of Riva prohibits showers in the gym after training – Riva – Arco

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Gas to the stars, the Municipality of Riva prohibits showers in the gym after training – Riva – Arco

RIVA DEL GARDA. No post workout shower in municipal gyms. This was decided by the Santi administration, acknowledging the indication issued by the council of autonomies to cope with the energy crisis and the dizzying rise in the price of gas.

The directive of Palazzo Pretorio was delivered in these days to all sports associations of the territory who use the gyms for the mid-week training activity of the youth sectors and of the first teams and to the managers of the “Giacomo Floriani”, “Andrea Maffei” schools, the ENAIP institute in Varone, the institute including Riva 1 and Riva2.

“One of the ways that impact the municipal budget the most and most heavily – they point out from Palazzo Pretorio – concerns the use of gyms for which the use of showers is no longer allowed during training but only for league matches. Therefore – the communication reads – from 1 November and until further notice, it is forbidden to use the showers as described above ». The measure, which in the local sporting context is accompanied by the closure of a structure considered particularly “energy-intensive” such as the Palagarda, should allow savings of between 10-15%.

“This measure is part of a vademecum shared within the council of autonomies – observes the mayor Cristina Santi – A common line for the whole of Trentino, then there will be those who apply it and those who do not. We have decided to adapt because somewhere we have to start without eliminating services or closing structures such as the municipal swimming pool for which we are doing everything to keep it open. It is a correct line of prudence, a line of austerity necessary at the moment ». This provision should be followed in the next few days by others, which have already been announced. Like the turning off of some monuments or that of the lights of the cemeteries when the gates are closed, at 7 pm.

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“Within the Municipality we are also evaluating the possibility of using smart-working for a certain number of employees” anticipates the first citizen. He adds: «If we want to save Christmas and not cut services, we must start somewhere to try to reduce expenses. I think common sense should prevail ».

In the last city council, a budget change of over 800 thousand euros was approved to cover the higher energy costs between now and the end of the year. In the meantime, however, some schools have received reports of conditions that are not exactly ideal for studying and working. To the sudden drop in temperatures in recent daysi did not pay for an adequate heating of the environmentsi of structures, however, dated and not exactly at the forefront in terms of energy saving. Students, professors and staff in the classroom or in the office with 15 degrees and the jacket on, even yesterday. “I have not received any reports to this effect,” said the mayor Santi.

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