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Gedi invests in social media: purchased 30% of Stardust

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Gedi invests in social media: purchased 30% of Stardust

Gedi Gruppo Editoriale has announced the purchase of 30 percent of Stardust, a young media agency born for the world of social networks. An operation that has the declared objective of reaching and involving a new audience, increasingly relevant but distant from that of traditional media.

According to Digital News Report of the Reuters Institute, just published, by now the majority of young people between the ages of 18 and 24 indicate social networks as the primary source of information, a percentage that has steadily increased in recent years to the detriment of websites and TVs.

The analysis

Gedi-Stardust: so the kids are changing the information

by Alessio Balbi

Stardust is aimed exactly at this audience. Founded just two years ago by Simone Giacomini together with Antonio Maira and Fabrizio Ferraguzzo, it produces about 1,200 original content a day, and attracts over 500 influencers (celebrities from social networks), whose business generates over 15 billion views a year and 20 million interactions per month.

“Over 70% of Italians use social media today. In particular, Generation Z and Millennials spend just under three hours a day on the various platforms”, observed Maurizio Scanavino, CEO of Gedi, commenting on the operation. “With Stardust”, he explained, “our digital strategy takes a decisive step forward because it allows us to distribute our content to new audiences – in the news, audio and entertainment sectors – and to deepen the dynamics and languages ​​of digital communities. so far not reached by Gedi’s offer “.

Influencer marketing

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What is Stardust, the company that transformed media creators

by Emanuele Capone

In the intentions of Gedi (which is also the publisher of this magazine), the partnership with Stardust will allow not only to improve the social positioning of its traditional brands, but also to produce new content and new products (information but also entertainment and audio ) designed for the youngest, guaranteeing at the same time a presence on the new platforms as well as on the social networks of tomorrow.

Maurizio Scanavino, CEO of Gedi and (right) Simone Giacomini, co-founder and president of Stardust

Maurizio Scanavino, CEO of Gedi and (right) Simone Giacomini, co-founder and president of Stardust

Gedi reports 25 million digital users a week on its network of sites, 25 million listeners a week on its radios and 12 million readers a week for its print publications. Numbers which, combined with those of Stardust, mean leadership on the Italian digital market. Under the agreement, Gedi will be able to increase its stake in the next three years up to a stake between 60 and 100% and will immediately have representation in the governance of the company, which however will continue to operate independently following its growth plan. .

A plan that revolves around people: “Today people have become a real media: a powerful media, capable of influencing the consumption and behavior of a vast digitally connected public”, declares Simone Giacomini, co-founder and president of Stardust. “We are happy that in such an important phase of cultural change, Gedi is at our side to help us meet the challenges of the future”.

In 2022 Stardust expects to double its turnover, which last year nearly reached 10 million euros. Numbers that, according to Scanavino, make it “a solid and dynamic project: a real media made up of people, able to reach a vast and diversified audience, involving the new generations and beyond”.

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