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Gender medicine, the meeting of Uil

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A conference organized by the Coordination of Equal Opportunities and Gender Policies of Uil Liguria dedicated to gender medicine between ethics, prevention and awareness will take place in Genoa on November 22nd at 2.30 pm at the Genoa Chamber of Commerce. Factors such as gender, environment, lifestyles and socio-economic conditions determine an individual’s health. These differences correspond to different prevention and therapeutic orientation. “It is important to begin an information and training path that can lead gender medicine to be a real discipline of studies in medicine and psychology – explains Sheeba Servetto, Uil Liguria regional confederal secretary and head of the Ligurian coordination of equal opportunities – Our the territory has a long-lived female population, we want to accompany the entire life path with a conscious approach to health “. The initiative includes three in-depth panels that will include the three stages in the life of the female gender. The first will be dedicated to the prevention and reproductive health of women and will see the interventions of: Mercedes Bo, president of Aied Genova – Luisella Battaglia, member of the National Bioethics Committee – Flavia Adalgisa Distefano, psychologist. The second Panel will talk about work and health with Anna Maria D’Angelo, general secretary of Uiltemp Piemonte and Barbara Bavastro, regional coordinator of Equal Opportunities Uil Fpl Liguria. The third Panel will concern the costs of health between prevention and aging and will see the presence of Giovanna Badalassi, economist and Franco Manti, sociologist and Unige university professor. The conference will be closed by Sonia Ostrica, UIL national coordinator for Equal Opportunities.

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