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General medicine. Smi, CGIL Medici and Simet: “On the PNRR and reform we need institutional synergy”

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For this reason, the three unions have written to the presidents of the Social Affairs and Hygiene and Health committees asking for a series of hearings on the measures of the PNRR and the future of general medicine. THE LETTER

13 OTT – “We wrote to the President of the XII Commission for Social Affairs of the Chamber of Deputies Hon. Marialucia Lorefice and to the President of the XII Hygiene and Health Commission of the Senate of the Republic, Sen. Annamaria Parente, to request a series of hearings on the measures of the PNRR and the future of general medicine ”thus in a joint statement Pina Onotri, Secretary General of the Italian Doctors Union, Andrea Filippi, National Secretary of Fp Cgil Doctors and SSN Managers, Mauro Mazzoni, National Secretary SIMET.

“Over the past two years, the pandemic has brought about many changes in the work of doctors. The PNRR and mission 6 referring to health, include, among other things, the Community Houses. This organizational model, which involves primary care, has many critical issues in our opinion “
“In the PNRR we fail to see, yet, innovative measures that give new answers to the medical category. We refer to the need for better remuneration for primary care doctors, to make the profession more attractive and stop the exodus abroad, to the need to outline new protections at work (in light of the hundreds of deaths due to the infection from covid). We believe that these needs do not find a way to connect to the huge resources provided by the PNNR for health and general medicine because it is not understood how the work for all doctors has changed for the worse ”.

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“In recent weeks, various institutional subjects have intervened on PNRR and on General Medicine. The Health Commission of the Regions, in this context, proposed in September in its document the need to want to change the working relationship with general practitioners.
At the same time, we still find ourselves in the presence of the discussion for the renewal of the National Collective Agreement -ACN- for general medicine at SISAC (the Interregional Healthcare Structure which represents the public part at the negotiating table). The ACN text is anachronistic, from our point of view, because it remains in a pre-pandemic setting and does not include the PNRR ”.

“It appears evident, in front of this framework, that a synergy must be found between the various institutional subjects that act on PNRR and on the role of general medicine. We have intended to address the presidents of the parliamentary health committees to establish, through a cycle of hearings, a path of listening to all medical unions in the face of the new potential that the PNRR puts in place. Institutions cannot risk going out of order. Maximum unity is needed to face and overcome the challenges of the right to health and general medicine of our country ”conclude Onotri, Filippi and Mazzone.

October 13, 2021
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