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General medicine training 2022/2025. The entry test in March 2023

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General medicine training 2022/2025.  The entry test in March 2023

This was reported by a resolution of the Aosta Valley council. Fimmg: “No more delays, it is necessary to start immediately the procedure for the 2023/26 call and recover the lost annuity”

04 NOV

“We learn from the resolution of the Health Department of the Aosta Valley that the agreed date for the Competition for access to Specific Training in General Medicine is set for March 2023″, the Fimmg notes in a note.

“In recent weeks, the National Coordination of FIMMG Formazione has intensified the reminder action of the Regions and Autonomous Provinces for the publication of the competition notices for the three-year period 2022/25 of the Specific Training Course in General Medicine, through a joint action with the Regional General Secretaries and the Continuity Welfare Sector. ” declares the National Secretary of FIMMG Formazione, Erika Schembri. In the press release sent by the FIMMG to the Health Departments, it is reiterated that “in a historical moment of chronic shortage of General Practitioners, aggravated by the number of retirements that will occur in the coming months, further delays in the beginning of the new three-year period are not admissible. , considering that according to the legislation in force today, doctors in training can already take on conventional assignments during the course. “

“After our reminders, the Regions are finally speeding up the procedures for the publication of the notices. Yet, it is a small consolation – says Schembri – given that, with enormous regret, we highlight how we continue to waste precious time, instead of catching up on the delay accumulated in recent years. This year the course will start one month later than the previous year, which had already accumulated 12 months late compared to the end of February of the current year, as required by current legislation (Legislative Decree 368/99, Art. 25 paragraph 2). The result? In fact, we have lost more than a year, and the almost 2,800 doctors who could immediately access the deficiencies will have to wait months before they can contribute to the National Health System, while almost two million Italians are in fact abandoned due to the fault of the Italian bureaucracy ” .

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“We will not accept any further apologies on the timing, we need greater control over the bureaucratic process and FIMMG will ensure that the procedures that will have to ensure the publication of the 2023-2026 call by February 2023 are started immediately, as the law itself provides. Otherwise – concludes Schembri – the suspicion that the resources destined for the training of doctors, which would guarantee the primary care of millions of citizens, will be used for other purposes will appear well founded. “

04 November 2022
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