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Generational Health and Well-being in the Workplace: A Report from the Human Resources Forum

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Generational Health and Well-being in the Workplace: A Report from the Human Resources Forum

The Human Resources Forum dedicated their last program of the year to generational diversity with a focus on health and well-being of employees of different generations. Francisco García Cabello opened the week’s agenda by reviewing the VI Globality Health Day and highlighting upcoming events including the Human Resources Forum.

At the conference, the study ‘Generational Health and Well-being in the workplace’ was presented, prompting discussions on the impact of generational differences on health and well-being in the workplace. Elena Cascante, managing partner of the Generation and Talent Observatory, emphasized the need to develop health and well-being as abilities and the importance of psychological support in times of stress.

The study also delved into the disparate effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on different generations, leading to a concern for symptoms related to depression and anxiety. To address this, programs focusing on boosting self-esteem and emotional intelligence have been developed to support employees of all generations.

Javier Zubiko from Generali highlighted the need to address well-being from a generational point of view, emphasizing the importance of mental and emotional health in the workplace. Additionally, Thomas Pereda from Máshumano Foundation emphasized the concerns of older professionals over 50 facing job loss and retirement issues.

The panel also featured Tania Hernandez, a psychologist and coach, who discussed the challenge of integrating a holistic view of health in the workplace. María Martín from Security Direct highlighted the impact of mental and emotional stress on the health of Generation Y, while Llara Gil, an organizational psychology student, spoke about the importance of mental health for Generation Z.

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The discussions were recorded and are available through the Human Resources Forum’s podcast. With more than 20 years of experience, the Human Resources Forum has become a leader in creating a comprehensive communication ecosystem in the field of people management. The forum provides an active presence on the global stage, bringing together professionals and companies in the human resources sector.

The Human Resources Forum offers exclusive content, top-level networking events, and opportunities to establish lasting professional relationships. To join the community or learn more, contact [email protected] and follow the Human Resources Forum on their social media channels.

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