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Genetic Tests and Precision Medicine: Revolutionizing Cancer Treatment in Modern Medicine

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Genetic Tests and Precision Medicine: Revolutionizing Cancer Treatment in Modern Medicine

Genetic tests represent a significant advance in the fight against cancer, allowing more precise treatments with higher success rates, a revolutionary change in modern medicine. At the recent XXVI Argentine and International Congress of Oncology, held in Buenos Aires, the developments and potential of genetic testing in cancer treatment were a key topic of discussion.

The Congress brought together over 3,500 specialists, including the Buenos Aires Minister of Health, Fernán Quirós, who gathered to explore the latest advances in cancer treatments. The concept of “precision medicine” is at the forefront of these discussions, moving away from general treatments and focusing on the uniqueness of each case.

Dr. Fernando Petracci, a medical oncologist specializing in breast cancer, highlighted the impact of genetic testing on personalized medicine and quality of life for patients. He explained the use of liquid biopsy in breast cancer, which has made medicine more personalized by tailoring treatments to each patient for the greatest long-term benefit.

One challenge faced in practice with these advances is the high cost of genetic tests. However, a new test called GLIFE500 ctDNA, conducted by the Argenetics Laboratory in Argentina, reduces the economic impact for patients by analyzing biomarkers and variants in over 500 genes to guide the best therapeutic options in patients with advanced or metastatic solid tumors.

Genomic platforms, such as the Prosigna platform for breast cancer, were also discussed at the Congress. This second-generation genomic platform uses the PAM50 signature to analyze 50 genes and provide precise classification of breast cancer subtypes. The risk of cancer recurrence within ten years can be determined, allowing specialists to make informed therapeutic decisions quickly.

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According to Dr. Gustavo Cortese, these genetic tests not only provide important information for individualizing treatments and avoiding unnecessary aggressive treatments but also have a direct impact on patients’ lives. The reduction in the use of chemotherapy and the improvement in patient quality of life are significant benefits of these genetic advancements in cancer treatment.

Overall, precision medicine, focused on the use of genetic tests, is marking a new era in cancer treatment, offering hope and more effective solutions to patients. As these tests become more accessible and affordable, the potential for more personalized and successful cancer treatments continues to grow.

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