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Gennaro Mancini, the marshal did not die of monkeypox. “Killed by bronchopneumonia, multiple organ damage”

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Gennaro Mancini, the marshal did not die of monkeypox.  “Killed by bronchopneumonia, multiple organ damage”

SCORZÈ – «Bronchopneumonia from unknown germ and multiple damage to organs». This is what the Cuban coroner who performed the autopsy on the body of the commander of the Carabinieri barracks in Scorzè writes, Germano Mancini, 50 years old, who died last August 21 in Havana, where he went on vacation with a friend and the latter’s Cuban wife. The lieutenant’s body returned to Italy on Saturday and has been in themorgue of Noale: in the health cards sent by the Cuban authorities there is no mention of the so-called monkeypox, despite the fact that it was the Havana ministry of Health that issued, immediately after Mancini’s death, a statement in which the responsibility for death was charged just to that virus. A rather singular lack. It is for this reason that the wife of the non-commissioned officer has entrusted the task to the Simonetti studio in an attempt to clarify and erase any possible shadow on Mancini’s death.

Mancini has overcome a heart attack in Cuba: then the fatal illness

The lawyer Guido Simonetti will most likely already go to the prosecutor’s office in Venice today to ask the Italian authorities to carry out a new autopsy that can explain what actually happened. The lawyer also intends to contact the Italian embassy in Havana to obtain Mancini’s complete medical record and to be able to reconstruct in detail the last days of his fifty-year-old. The same friend with whom the carabiniere had traveled, declared that he did not see any blisters or pustules on the body of the non-commissioned officer, one of the main symptoms of the virus.

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Marshal Mancini’s brother who died in Cuba: “We didn’t know he was infected”


Mancini had arrived in Cuba on the evening of August 15th and began not feeling very well from the following day. His conditions then worsened very quickly, so much so that on 18 August the fifty-year-old was hospitalized in intensive care, only to end up in a coma and die on 21 August. The Ministry of Caribbean health authorities notified the Farnesina of the death of the “Italian tourist” by ordering an epidemiological investigation to understand the origin of the infection or if the soldier was already infected before his arrival on the island. The lieutenant lived in Noale but was particularly attached to Scorzé, where he served for over 17 years, so much so that the family expressed their desire to burial the body in the cemetery of Scorzè, the town where his wife was born. For the funeral, however, it will be necessary to wait for the new autopsy to be performed, to which the relatives of the deceased will certainly participate through a trusted medical examiner.

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