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Geriatricians, after 2 years pandemic new normal for the elderly – Health

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92.4% of the over 70s are vaccinated against Covid thanks to the vaccination campaign that has seen a priority in the RSA, “transforming them from outbreaks to places among the safest and most protected from contagion”, but half a million elderly people still need to be vaccinated. , equal to 5.6% of 10,467.00 over 70. To draw up the balance is the Italian Society of Gerontology and Geriatrics (Sigg), according to which one can still “look to the future with greater serenity” and it is indeed time that the seniors find “a new normal”. The restrictions, explains the president of Sigg, Francesco Landi, although “necessary to protect the health of the most vulnerable”, have had and “risk to continue to have” a serious impact on the physical and cognitive well-being of the elderly. This is because isolation on the one hand reduces physical activity “with negative consequences especially for those suffering from diseases such as osteoporosis, arthrosis, neurological diseases such as Parkinson’s, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases”; on the other, “it worsens mood and cognitive performance, with repercussions on emotional well-being”. For Landi there is also a need for a “reorganization” of the Rsa “to make them more homogeneous throughout the national territory and, for example, to make the presence of geriatricians or night nurses mandatory everywhere”, therefore “to further raise standards”. Finally, for Sigg it will be necessary to “rethink the entire assistance system so that it is finally adequate to the real needs of the elderly, for example by increasing the offer of services at home or in intermediate structures that can reduce institutionalization after acute events, reactivating outpatient and day hospital care pathways, but also promoting training in geriatrics in medicine and in the health professions “.

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