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German Bundestag – Bundesrat calls for bridging aid for hospitals

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German Bundestag – Bundesrat calls for bridging aid for hospitals

Berlin: (hib/PK) The Bundesrat rejects the Hospital Transparency Act (20/8904) presented by the Federal Government and recently passed in the Bundestag in its current version. The Federal Council has therefore decided to refer the draft law to the Mediation Committee with the aim of a fundamental revision, according to a briefing (20/9523) from the state chamber.

In principle, the Federal Council welcomes the plan to improve the transparency of the quality of inpatient care. The aim of the law is to provide an overview of the quality of hospital treatment that is understandable to laypeople in order to promote patient selection decisions. However, the law does not meet this goal.

By temporarily assigning the service groups to the hospitals, the law anticipates the hospital reform in a central point, according to which the allocation of service groups, subject to further requirements, falls under the responsibility of the states. The provisional designation of service groups could create uncertainty for patients.

There is also a risk that patients will be misdirected to the primary and maximum care providers, the briefing goes on to say. In the Federal Council’s opinion, the publication of the transparency directory planned for May 1, 2024 must be postponed, as must the first data delivery from the hospitals.

In the opinion of the State Chamber, the reporting obligations of hospitals anchored in the law create unnecessary duplication of structures and cause additional bureaucracy. Therefore, data that is already available should be used or hospitals’ data delivery and reporting obligations should be harmonized.

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The Federal Council also considers the regulations mentioned to improve hospitals’ liquidity in the short term to be insufficient. Until the remuneration reform can develop its effects, viable financial bridging aid from the federal government is urgently required.

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