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German Bundestag – Information about Long-Covid and ME/CFS

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German Bundestag – Information about Long-Covid and ME/CFS

Berlin: (hib/PK) According to the federal government, the clinical picture of Long-Covid and Post-Covid is not yet sufficiently understood. There are no biomarkers available for diagnostics, and the World Health Organization (WHO) case definitions for post-Covid in children and adolescents are not very precise, according to the federal government’s answer (20/10492) to a small question (20/10176). the Union faction.

Therefore, there is no comprehensive data base for reliable assessments of the number of sick people. However, statements about the current number of cases could be made based on secondary data. The children and young people affected by Post-Covid would be continuously recorded in outpatient statutory health care by the Central Institute for Statutory Health Care.

It is also possible to record children and adolescents diagnosed with myalgic encephalomyelitis or chronic fatigue syndrome (ME/CFS) using the outpatient care data in the statutory health insurance (GKV). There is no comprehensive monitoring of ME/CFS.

In order to improve information, the Institute for Quality and Efficiency in Health Care (IQWiG) systematically processed and evaluated the current state of knowledge on ME/CFS, including children and adolescents, and published it in a final report in May 2023, the answer continues. The IQWiG report contains evidence-based and generally understandable information about ME/CFS: www.iqwig.de

According to the information, there is also information for sick people and those interested on the website www.bmg-longcovid.de. The website is constantly checked and updated with regard to the latest scientific findings and the research situation.

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