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“Get vaccinated as soon as possible”

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The Omicron variant coronavirus infection runs very fast in the province of Belluno, others have emerged in the last 24 hours 762 new positives, never so many in one day, e the weekly rolling incidence came to 1,373 from 1,152 yesterday, +221 incidence points in just one day.

«Omicron is proving to be highly contagious», comments to the Friend of the People a Belluno doctor. The fear is that in the coming winter months the virus will eventually reach everyone, most of the population will come in contact with sars-cov-2. On the other hand, even the latest report from the Istituto Superiore di Sanità shows that not even the third dose of vaccine completely protects you from contagion, while it strongly protects against serious illness and hospitalization.

Who risks the most? “The unvaccinated are at greater risk, no doubt. Who is vaccinated with the third dose or with the second made recently if you get sick you have the symptoms of severe winter rhinitis, in other words a good cold with lowering of voice and if anything a few days with a little fever, nothing more. But those who are not vaccinated can have severe symptoms that we saw with the Delta variant, with the need for hospitalization and, in the most critical cases, even intensive care. Death can also occur».

We are in the most critical phase, Is it worth getting vaccinated now if you haven’t done so so far? “Absolutely yes, it’s worth getting vaccinated”, replies the doctor, “suppose a person decides to get vaccinated now, will have the mild protection of the first dose for about twenty days, then by January will also do the second dose e by early February it will get maximum protection, waiting for the third dose, later. Get the vaccine, do it immediately, especially if you are already fifty years old: the law requires it and then it’s not really worth waiting for, the winter is long and from the beginning of February you can be well protected from the covid».

How to evaluate your symptoms? “In this phase of very strong contagion“Replies the doctor,”if you have symptoms of a cold first assume you have covid, even if you are vaccinated. Do not say: I will have caught cold in the cellar. No! Consider that it could be covid ».

Even if you are vaccinated, even if the symptoms were only those of a powerful cold we must try not to transmit the infection to others. “Our lives are all linked to each other. In the chain of our contacts there is always a weak link, we must try to protect the weak link in our chain»Says the doctor, referring to the elderly, the sick, those who cannot get vaccinated or who are vaccinated but still weak due to the presence of other diseases.

In Belluno hospitals there is a fear of a wave of hospitalizations, of which there are signs. «Besides», declares the doctor, «practically we do not have the guests of the nursing homes in the hospital, a sign that the third dose is protecting them well, even if they are the most at risk because they almost always have different pathologies ». Sure, with more than thirty thousand unvaccinated in the province of Belluno, reachable by the contagion and to a large extent at risk of serious illness, “It is easy to imagine how heavy our hospitals could be in the coming weeks, considering that there are a few dozen places available, not hundreds», Explains the doctor to the Friend.

In Veneto today, Saturday 8 January, theincidence has reached the value of 1.830 points from 1,691 yesterday. Hospital admissions are on the rise, as a reflection of the strong wave of infections generated by Omicron: in our region the beds in intensive care are occupied at 19.5% but admissions to the medical area in three days went from 19.7% to 22.1% to 22.9% today. At this rate, the 30% threshold of the Orange Zone is fast approaching, but also that of 40% of the Red Zone.

The calculation of the Friend of the People is performed on the basis of the unconsolidated data contained in the daily 8 am report released by Azienda Zero. The incidence relates to the new tested cases of SARS-COV-2 in the space of a week on 100,000 inhabitants.
Luigi Guglielmi

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