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Gf Vip, Signorini launches an aut aut to Antonella: “Either you go out or…”

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Gf Vip, Signorini launches an aut aut to Antonella: “Either you go out or…”

In tonight’s episode of Gf Vip, Alfonso Signorini asked Antonella Fiordelisi what her intentions were: to go out or stay in the house.

Alfonso Signorini opened tonight’s episode of Gf Vip, focusing attention right away on a much debated speech in recent days. That of paying – by competitors – for alleged penalties in the event of early and voluntary exit. Thus, the conductor, addressing the vipponi, and in particular to Antonella Fiordelisi, wanted to make things clear, by passing on the message that Big Brother Vip must not be seen a “prison” and that there are no penalties to pay.

Gf Vip, Alfonso Signorini crushes Antonella

The presenter, referring to the letter written in recent days by Antonella Fiordelisi’s mother, wanted to emphasize the alleged penalties to be paid in the event of early exit and the psycho-physical malaise of the competitors.

Addressing Vippona directly, he first informed her of the mother’s words and concern for her health. And immediately after she asked her what her intentions were: whether to stay or leave the Big Brother Vip House: “You won’t pay penalties if you want to go out. But if you want out, say so now“.

To then continue: “Have we ever bullied you? No, we never have. Have we ever let someone bully you? No, because otherwise we would have intervened and we would have even made two bets. It’s important to clarify and at this point it’s normal that you can’t take it anymore, but don’t say inaccurate things, for example, don’t bring up penalties. There is no penalty, if in cases like these you can’t take it anymore. This thing I’m telling you, Antonella, applies to everyone. If someone can’t take it anymore and doesn’t want to continue playing, say it now. I’m telling you from the bottom of my heart: it’s a game“.

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Once she spoke, Antonella said she wanted to stay to finish what she started, assuring that she was fine and would only throw herself down in times of difficulty.

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