Home Health Giancarlo Magalli breaks the silence after his long illness: “Seeing me would scare you”

Giancarlo Magalli breaks the silence after his long illness: “Seeing me would scare you”

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Giancarlo Magalli breaks the silence after his long illness: “Seeing me would scare you”

Giancarlo Magalli returns to speak publicly after having struggled for months with a terrible disease: what are his conditions.

2022 was not a lucky year for Giancarlo Magalli. The historic Rai presenter was replaced in the historic Mezzogiorno in Famiglia program by his will – he wanted to embark on a new adventure – but the experiment with the afternoon quiz did not go in the best way and Rai decided to suspend his new one. program.

Health problems have added to the professional disappointment in recent months. Not many know, in fact, that the conductor has struggled against a serious infection that has debilitated him and forced him to a long hospitalization in hospital. Fortunately, it seems that the worst is over: in recent weeks Giancarlo is at home and is taking care of his own rehabilitation, cared for by his daughters and ex-wives.

Reached by the weekly ‘New Tv‘, Giancarlo Magalli talked about the disease and how the affection of his daughters and former companions helped him to overcome this complicated period: “The signs of the disease are still evident on my face and body. In recent months they have often called me offering me guests but I have always declined the invitation. In my opinion, viewers would be impressed to see me so thin and worn out ”.

Giancarlo Magalli loses his place in Il Collegio: “The umpteenth wrong choice of Rai”

Currently, in short, the signs of the serious infection against which he has struggled in recent months are still too evident and Giancarlo Magalli does not feel like appearing on video. A situation that certainly does not make him feel good, but which is mitigated by the affection of his daughters: “They didn’t leave me for a moment, alternating in the hospital day and night. We knew we loved each other, but my bad adventure confirmed the strength of the bond that unites us ”. Finally, the conductor explains that his daughters have never stopped pampering him and that every day they take turns at his house to bring him the shopping and keep him company, attention and love that make him feel “A lucky man”.

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In such a condition it would have been ideal to be able to maintain the role of narrator of ‘Il Collegio’, but Rai has decided to replace it with Nino Frassica. A decision, that of the Rai leaders, which did not go down to Magalli: “It was not my choice, it is the umpteenth choice of Rai that took away everything I had. Of some choices, however, I see that they have already repented… ”. Magalli believes in any case that Nino Frassica is an excellent choice and that the comedian from Messina will be able to do well and find the right register to become an excellent narrator of events in the reality show created by him.

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