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Giorgia Passafini died at the age of 31

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Giorgia Passafini died at the age of 31

The first half lasted thirty years, as told by the images that photograph the stages of his life, the diploma, the work in the driving school, the passion for volleyball, still, the coexistence and the joy of the first daughter, Sophie.

The second half, on the other hand, didn’t last more than a year, since the tests gave a name to that sensation of numbness in the cheek, a neuroma in the auditory cavity.

The classification of the tumor as benign had given the family hope that lasted the time of the operation because, on Monday, Giorgia Passafini, 31, passed away following complications of an operation repeated hundreds of times a year at the hospital, that of removal of the mass from the head, at Besta in Milan.

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