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Giorgia Soleri back in the hospital: Damiano and his fans anxious. What happened

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Giorgia Soleri back in the hospital: Damiano and his fans anxious.  What happened

Giorgia Soleri has her fans a little apprehensive after posting a photo last night back in the hospital

Damiano of the Maneskin’s partner is famously suffering from health problems that made her very personal challenge. Her goal is to raise awareness among women – but not only – about prevention.


Giorgia Soleri she has become a feminist icon, especially for younger women who follow her on Instagram. The author of the book Miss nobody she managed to make room for herself – and these days it’s not at all simple – no longer as a “companion of”, but with her own very strong personality. It’s obvious that her love story is at the center of her life, especially for her success and i Maneskin they are getting around the world.

Even more, the love story of Damiano e Giorgia is in the spotlight because the frontman of the Maneskindespite the many commitments that see him as a protagonist, he always takes care to accompany you to every visit or conference that concerns you personally.

Giorgia Soleri back in the hospital: what happened?

Giorgia Soleri

In the past few hours, Giorgia Soleri he published a story on Instagram – in the night between 25 and 26 June – in which he frames a drip, evidently lying on a hospital bed. The caption of the story reads: “Crazy Saturday night. I’m already better, don’t worry “. In reality, the concern on the part of the fans is great, given the past of Giorgia. Endometriosis is the disease that the frontman’s girlfriend suffers from Maneskin and on which she has been trying to raise awareness for some time, with conferences, with the book written and acting as an influencer for younger women.

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Just on the occasion of the operation she was subjected to long ago for endometriosis, Giorgia Soleri admitted: “It is a chronic and disabling disease, still underdiagnosed (the average is 4-8 years, I put 11 there, I personally know girls who needed 15, 20, 25), whose main symptoms are: menstruation painful, debilitating, bleeding and prolonged which can lead to vomiting and fainting; pain like menstruation 24 hours a day; pain in intercourse; pain when urinating; pain when defecating; chronic pelvic pain; problems with digestion and evacuation; chronic fatigue etc etc (not counting the most severe cases of pulmonary or diaphragmatic endometriosis) “.

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