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Giorgia Soleri: “The relationship with Damiano was not monogamous”

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Giorgia Soleri: “The relationship with Damiano was not monogamous”

Monogamy? No thank you. The one between Giorgia Soleri and Damiano David was one open relationship. It is the same feminist, activist and influencer who tells it with an Instagram story, in reply to the social message of the ex-boyfriend who, after the diffusion of a video where he kisses another, announced the end of the love story. And like them, there are many VIP couples who live love in complete freedom.

Giorgia Soleri reveals the type of relationship she had with Damiano David (Instagram)

Love at the end of the line

It’s over between the frontman of Maneskin, the Italian band that has reached the roof of the world, and the influencer, writer, “spoiljoy feminist”, activist for women’s rights who – as she claims on her Instagram profile – said “vulva” in Parliament.

The couple with millions of followers, with a bond that lasted for several years, broke out “for a few days”.
It was the singerafter the diffusion of a video on TikTok, which immediately went viral, in which he passionately kisses another girl in the disco.

A still image of the now famous kiss between Damiano and “the other one”

It would be about Martina Taglientiborn in 2001, considered by many to be the rising star of fashion and a dear friend of Victoria De Angelis, female member of the Maneskin.

I am very sorry whether this video came out this was not how we wanted to handle this situation. Giorgia and I broke up for a few days, so there are no betrayals of any kind. I hope this thing doesn’t affect Giorgia’s image and that you can respect the delicacy of this moment” the singer’s explanations entrusted to Instagram.

The “secret” beginnings of love between Giorgia and Damiano

He was 24, and she was 27, they did steady couple since at least 2017but their relationship had only become public at the beginning of 2021, when he shared a shot with his girlfriend on Instagram: “After almost four years, you can say it, right?”.

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Giorgia Soleri together with her boyfriend Damiano of the ‘Maneskin’ in the Chamber for the bill on vulvodynia

The activist had published it in turn, but would then break the confidentiality only in May of the same year, on the occasion of Eurovision 2021 which would have projected the Maneskin on the roof of Europe.

“I’m feeling bad, now I’m recovering”, said the girl, in Roman dialect, filming her reaction to the group triumph. And she added: “There are no words to say how happy and proud I am. She stared at the screen trying to figure out if it’s all real or if it’s just a dream. They are the best, now all of Europe knows it”.

The two now ex-boyfriends, Damiano David and Giorgia Soleri

Since then the two have no longer hidden, defending their life as a normal couple, complete with an adopted and renamed kitten Ziggy Stardustbut also often exposing himself publicly for important causes, such as the battle to make the problems related to diseases such as endometriosis and vulvodynia recognized, with Giorgia in the forefront and Damiano an accomplice ready to support her.

Pain, together with youthful discomfort, anorexia, suicide were also the themes addressed by Soleri in the book of verses “La Signorina Nobody” (Vallardi, 2022).

Open relationship, no cheating

Although the couple had found a certain balance between private and public, until now the general public was unaware that sweethearts had a open relationship. After Damiano’s explanations, to clear the field of hypotheses of betrayal, Giorgia also intervenes via social media. And she also declares that there was no betrayal.

Giorgia Soleri relies on Instagram to explain the nature of the love affair she had with Damiano David

The influencer declares that they have never had a “monogamous” relationship, that they had mutually agreed on the decision to wait to communicate the end of their story, but that even if it is “angry, hurt and disappointed” cannot fail to take into consideration “our human nature, made up of trial and error”.

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In short, the former competitor of “Beijing Express” is not cuckolded and asks for respect for “this love that was strong, intense and deep”. Then he explains his way of living the love relationship.

Giorgia Soleri: “I find that being able to live one’s sexuality in a free, consensual and complete way is beautiful” (Instagram)

“I do not consider exclusivity (on the contrary, inclusiveness is) a value, which is why the relationship between me and Damiano was, by mutual agreement and in a completely consensual way, non monogamous” dice.

“I find that I can live your sexuality freelyconsensual and complete is beautiful and enriching for itself and for all the people who, in different ways, relate to us” adds Soleri.

Then he explains: “I realize that for some it may be difficult to understand, but the fact that there has been any kind of interaction with other people that’s not the core of the problem. He wasn’t before, for either of us, I don’t see how he could be now ”.

Open couples: from Pupo to Michela Murgia

Enzo Ghinazzi, aka Pupo with his wife Anna (right) and partner Patricia

Giorgia Soleri and Damiano David are certainly not the only ones to live a love non monogamo. Enzo Ghinazzi, alias Pupo, has for years publicly admitted that he is in love for three: he, his wife Anna Erli and his ‘lover’ partner Patricia Abati.

The singer of “Su di noi” has never made a secret of being a lover of women and the female universe and not being monogamous. “Me and my two companions we are beyond stereotypes” the words of the Tuscan singer in an interview with Luce! some time ago. “Our ‘tripod’ (I don’t like to call it triangle or troia) is well tested. It works perfectly, but patience and dialogue are needed” explained Pupo.

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Michela Murgia and her future husband Lorenzo Terenzi (Instagram)

The writer Michela Murgia also lives love in freedom. Revealing her illness (stage four renal cell carcinoma), she announced that she will marry Lorenzo Terenzi, a Florentine actor and director born in 1988. But hers is a queer family where she and her friend Claudia, an architect, share a 12-year-old son. years, Raphael.

Hollywood in the sign of free love

Will Smith e la moglie Jada Pinkett Smith

Flying overseas, many stars have repeatedly declared that they are in favor of open love relationships.

Actor Will Smith and wife Jada Pinkett Smith they live a free love. The couple shocked everyone in 2020 when the woman admitted to having an extramarital affair. However, the star was aware of the relationship.

The actress Tilda Swinton in the past he stated: “Monogamy is a mistake. If you want to explore a sense of intimacy with another person, do it”. The actress lived with two men for a long time: the father of her children John Byrne and the German painter Sandro Kopp.

Actress Tilda Swinton (Ansa)

Bella Thornethe former Disney star, revealed to “Gay Times” magazine in 2018 that she was dating rapper Mod Sun, but at the same time also YouTube star Tana Mongeau.

The actor too Ethan Hawke he is a staunch supporter of polygamy and confessed to “Vanity Fair”: “People have a really infantile vision of monogamy and fidelity”. And the list of free love lovers goes on and on.

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