Home Health Giuseppe Marchi died at the age of 63 and founded the Body Evidence gym

Giuseppe Marchi died at the age of 63 and founded the Body Evidence gym

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Giuseppe Marchi died at the age of 63 and founded the Body Evidence gym

CONEGLIANO – Giuseppe Marchi, an eclectic, dynamic entrepreneur, engaged in various sectors, from transport to gyms (he founded the Body Evidence) finally to night clubs, passed away at the age of 63. Marchi, well known in the Conegliano area, leaves his sons Michele and Enrico and his lifelong partner, Gabriella, to whom he had been linked for 33 years. His death took place at the Conegliano hospital where he had been hospitalized a few days ago, following the sudden worsening of his condition. On Sunday evening, shortly after 11pm, his heart, accustomed to fitness and training, stopped beating. Giuseppe died of a bacterium, Mycobacterium chimaera, contracted during the heart operation he underwent in 2015 at the Ca ‘Foncello in Treviso. The bacterium e only manifested itself at the end of 2020.

The disease had a rapid course, after an initial worsening there had been a stabilization but in the last two months the situation had worsened. Last week the emergency hospitalization where after only three days Giuseppe’s heart stopped beating, leaving the family in despair. Giuseppe was well known for the various activities he always undertaken with enthusiasm.

«He was a great sportsman – says his son Michele, 32 – who was passionate about fitness, so much so that in 1994 he opened what is still today one of the largest and most important gyms in the province, the“ Body Evidence ”. He was a dynamic entrepreneur, always open to new ideas. He started from a transport company, the Marchi Group), and then moved on to the management of a pub (the Burger time in Ponte della Priula), then finally ended with night clubs, the last of which “The Alibi ”in San Fior. He was always in need of new challenges – his son still remembers – he was a free spirit, apparently a bit rude but with a generous heart ». In a post on social media, Michele greeted him with affection: «It was a great journey – It’s hard to see you leave like this, 63 years lived to the fullest and 32 you gave them to me, making me the man I am today. Thank you. Hi Dad”. The condolences of the many people who worked with him and of those who knew him are profound. Giuseppe was originally from Pare ‘where he was known as a person dedicated to work and his family. Farewell tomorrow at 3 pm in the parish church of the Blessed Virgin Mary of Fatima in Parè.

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