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Glioblastoma, a hope from Temferon Orphan drug designation granted

Glioblastoma, the alteration that makes it aggressive The role of the TERT gene in brain tumor

Vorasidenib for glioma treatment Increases survival for patients with IDH gene mutation

Glioblastoma, combination therapy increases survival Oncolytic virus and immunotherapy to fight cancer

Cancer, ultrasound allies of chemotherapy Facilitate the passage of drugs in the blood-brain barrier

Precision Neuro-Oncology for Gliomas Early intervention thanks to molecular analysis

New treatment for pediatric medulloblastoma Improves tumor macrophage activity

Sphinks Artificial Intelligence against cancer for precision tumor therapies

New therapy for gliomas Experimental treatment increases life expectancy of affected children

New approach for glioblastoma Novel therapy developed that inactivates tumor genes

Gene therapy for glioblastoma multiforme New platform inhibits cancer growth

New biomarker for pediatric cancers Predicts progression of low-grade pediatric gliomas

Operating brain tumors with a minimally invasive approach A skull opening of only 3 centimeters is possible

CAR-T, a hope for childhood brain tumors Combination of drug and gene therapy inhibits cancer growth

Discovered the regions of the DNA that cause neuroblastoma They activate the genes responsible for the severe form

New hope against glioblastoma A strategy to cancel the immortality of stem cells

New hope for treatment for medulloblastoma Possible treatment for brain cancer most common among children

Brain tumors, a new surgical method Tried and tested to get more accurate information

New genetic targets to target gliomas New genes identified that contribute to tumor growth

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