Home Health Glucose alarm: this is what we drink every day and it hurts very badly

Glucose alarm: this is what we drink every day and it hurts very badly

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Glucose alarm: this is what we drink every day and it hurts very badly

Blood sugar is an indicator to always keep under observation. In some cases, some elements can lead to a rapid rise. Nutrition is a fundamental factor not to be underestimated for those suffering from blood sugar, since there are certain foods that favor its increase.

Hyperglycemia and its possible causes

The normal fasting blood glucose value is maintained between 70 and 100mg / dl. We speak of hyperglycemia when there is a rise in blood glucose which can lead to negative consequences on our health. Hyperglycemia can also be a consequence of taking certain drugs with a hyperglycemic effect such as: steroids, beta-blockers, antipsychotics.

Very often hyperglycemia is accompanied by various symptoms such as fatigue, sudden mood changes ranging from irritation to depression, dry skin, redness of the face, etc. The main cause of hyperglycemia in the world today is excessive consumption of carbohydrates, often accompanied by a sedentary lifestyle, obesity, stress and a disordered lifestyle.

What to eat

Maintaining constant blood sugar levels is essential for the proper functioning of brain functions. In fact, the brain is not able to store energy (glucose) like the rest of the body, so it relies on the action of two hormones that regulate blood sugar levels, both during meals and on an empty stomach: insulin. and glucagon.

To avoid imbalances in this process, following a low glycemic content diet is essential. An ideal diet to counter high blood sugar is rich in green leafy vegetables such as spinach, turnip greens, lettuce, cabbage and rocket, but also asparagus and broccoli. We must not forget to take fresh seasonal fruit (which contains natural sugars), giving preference to apples, pears, oranges and strawberries, medlars, apricots, peaches and raspberries.

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Foods to avoid with high blood sugar

To counteract high blood sugar, it is not enough to prefer certain foods but you also need to know which foods to avoid. First of all, just eat foods such as sweets, snacks and foods rich in fat such as sausages, sausages, cream, fatty cheeses. Among the carbohydrates it would be advisable to avoid refined ones such as bread, pizza and be careful with the quantities of potatoes. But drinks also play an important role: it is often underestimated that even drinks can negatively affect the body’s well-being. In this context, it is good to remember that alcohol, fruit juices and industrial soft drinks contain a lot of sugars. For this reason it is advisable to ban them from your diet in case of high blood sugar.

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