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“Goddess Tensei V” game experience, this is a difficult adult Pokémon, but it may not be suitable for you who like “P5” | 4Gamers

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The “True Goddess Tensei V” developed by ATLUS was officially launched last week. The sequel was finally released after many years, with the signature of ATLUS in the past, plus the popularity of the previous “Persona” series. This more ancient work has eyes from all quarters, and this time we also talk about our thoughts on “The Goddess Tensei V”.

“Goddess Tensei 5” and “Persona 5”

Although IGN had previously compared “Persona 5” and “Ten Goddess V” in the evaluation of “Ten Goddess V” and attracted many old players to curse, but we still have to Talking about this proposition, after all, these two series do have a relationship between one family and one family.

These two series of games are highly similar in game systems and demons, especially the demons. Regardless of the signboard demons such as Pixie and Jack Frost, this time, “Thanksgiving God V” exceeds 8 in Chengdu. Since the modules of “Persona 5” are reused, it doesn’t seem fair to treat these two works as completely different existences.


However, these two games are indeed completely different in terms of design concepts. Due to the order of Chinese culture, if you like the “Persona” series very much, there is naturally a high probability of being against “The Goddess Reincarnation V” Interested, but you must be prepared first, that is, even if the combat mechanism is similar to the gameplay, this game may not suit your appetite. Because there are many differences between these two works.

Although the backgrounds are quite different, in fact, “Shin Goddess Tensei V” may be more similar to “Pokémon”.

From the story point of view, “Persona 5” takes the high school campus as the main axis and pays attention to cultivating the relationship with other characters in the story. Although the protagonist of “Ten Goddess Reincarnation” is also a high school student, it is essentially a fantasy story that explores the relationship between humans, gods, and demons. Therefore, if you don’t like this kind of fantasy plot between gods and demons, you like between characters Show friendship, talk noisy, flash, then this one is not suitable for you.


In terms of difficulty, although the battles of the two games are also triggered by multiple actions by attacking weaknesses, it is obvious that the difficulty of “Goddess Tensei V” is much higher than that of “Goddess” in terms of attribute damage and the cultivation of demons. Alien Record 5″.

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For example, the first boss encountered by a player in “Shin Goddess Tenshin V” is a demon who uses fire and poison attributes to attack, but is afraid of ice attributes. However, at this time, players can obtain all monsters with ice attributes. Afraid of fire attributes, plus the bosses are mostly all attacks. As long as you are hit by the boss for two consecutive moves, your slave will have a very high chance of directly killing the group.

Therefore, when attacking the boss, players should consider letting those who are not afraid of fire inherit the ice magic from the devil, or remember the king’s action mode, and use appropriate props in the round to win the first boss.


From the map point of view, the map of “Goddess Tenshin V” is vast, similar to the mmorpg-style map, which uses Minglei to meet the enemy. At the same time, there will be various functions such as side task NPC, plot trigger, and save point on the map, especially the side line. Mission, there are many hints about the world view, as well as a variety of choices. In contrast, the hall of Persona 5 is a straight line, a dungeon-type map with a fixed number of monsters but mixed with puzzle solving.

In terms of music and UI, it is true that “Persona 5” is so popular that it is very impressive. In comparison, the UI of “Shin Goddess Tensei V” is quite ordinary, but it focuses more on the display of the enchantress. Some editors of the music personally feel that the music memory points on the map are not high, but there are a few battle music that are still good. of. But it’s a pity that you can’t quickly select the moves to deal with attributes in battle, and there is a lack of smoothness in some menu switching.

In terms of the cultivation of demons, unlike “Persona 5”, which has fixed partners, “Shin Goddess V” pays more attention to the matching and skills of demons on the team. When recruiting demons, the options of demons are also more. It’s more tricky, and to recruit successfully, you must not only choose the right options, you must also pay something. In addition, there are many demons in this work that have their own exclusive skills, and there are more parts worth considering in cultivation, and there are also different casting animations.

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Then this reincarnation of Goddess

After comparing the two works, I still have to talk about some details of “Thanksgiving Goddess V”. First of all, according to past traditions, “Thanksgiving Goddess V” is a multi-end game, and the ending will be based on which side you are inclined to. The idea is different, and now Zhongmo can also inherit it, so it is worth multiple rounds of play. Some parts of the plot are more like the choice of values. Players have to use their own power to guide the world to which end.

In the past, the biggest feature of the “Goddess Tensei” series was the difficulty. The early series belonged to the type of super-abdominal players. The reason came from the basic combat mechanism of “fighting weak points and moving more.” When the enemy AI attacks us, it will also Pick the weak points to fight, and basically all demons in the early and mid-term have more than one weak point, plus the weak points are hit twice, they will return to the west, so as long as they are hit, they are easily injured in one breath.


In addition, the archive point is fixed rather than at any time, and there is no automatic archive. Therefore, even if it is only normal difficulty, it is very easy to overturn the car if you do not attack first. For those who are used to not saving often, this game is very easy. A high probability will make you fall your hand.

The other reason for the difficulty is the same as in the past, that is, “Goddess Tensei V” still imposes a lot of restrictions on the player’s resources. The most basic restriction is magic. After all, without magic, magic cannot be used to defeat weakness.

In addition to very expensive supplements, fortunately, there are evil spirit crystals on the map this time, which can be used to restore blood and demons. Therefore, when the mana is exhausted, you have to return to the archive point “Dragon’s Den” and transfer it to other crystallized places to recover.

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However, the design of the map this time still makes some players feel that it is not clear enough (mainly due to the height difference), and the design of Yuyan is almost equivalent to forcing players to explore the entire map, plus there are not many archive points. Therefore, you often have to go back and forth after a fight, which can sometimes make people feel a little irritable, but for those who like to explore and practice qigong, it is not too much of a problem.


One thing to pay attention to in cultivation is that this time there is a “phase”. For example, when the fire attribute skills are forcibly passed to a weakly fired slave, the “-X (X is a number)” phase will appear, which not only hurts Reduce it, and consume more mana.

Fortunately, this cultivation not only allows you to directly purchase the spirit body, but also has a convenient search function called “reverse whole book integration”. In these parts, you can see that the production team is careful in the system, even better than “P5”.


However, in order to conform to the trend of the times, this time “Shin Goddess Tensei V” also has a different difficulty, and after the release, a super simple Safty difficulty has been added to the free DLC, so the difficulty is no longer a problem in principle.

And this time the official also sells a paid DLC that will show resource monsters on the map (will lose a lot of money/experience). If you are playing with a difficulty level above normal, it will be easier if you buy it.

On the whole, “Goddess Tensei V” has a significant picture evolution compared with the previous generation, and at the same time, it has tried its best to get out of the modern standard, more like a Pokémon of an adult. In addition to players who like to cultivate and nurture, players who are particularly fond of fantasy themes such as gods and demons, or who like to challenge difficult RPGs, are very suitable for playing and watching this “True Goddess Tensei V”.


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