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Going to bed late increases the risk of cardiovascular disease

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Going to bed late increases the risk of cardiovascular disease

Falling asleep late or having an uneven sleep-wake rhythm increases the risk of develop diseases of the cardiovascular system: a scientific study published in the journal reports it Experimental Physiologywhich highlights how people who go to bed early tend to burn more fat as a source of energy. Conversely, falling asleep late results in a reduced use of lipids and a greater accumulation of fat in the body. From this, as is well known, a series of metabolic complications which predispose the body to the development of even very serious cardiovascular diseases.

The importance of the circadian rhythm

To counter cardiovascular disease, so-called primary prevention is essential, viable through one healthy lifestyle e correct eating habits. Among the factors that affect the main pathologies of the cardiovascular system there is also the sleep and – more generally – the respect for the circadian rhythm. The latter, in fact, is the biological clock of our organism and regulates many fundamental functions: the sleep-wake cyclebody temperature, blood pressure, hormone levels, heart rate, etc.

Going to bed late or altering the regular pattern of night rest determines a increased risk of developing cardiovascular diseaseoften linked to problems with obesity, Alzheimer’s and type 2 diabetes.

Another important fact attracted the attention of researchers: morning people tend to be more active during the day, with higher levels of aerobic capacity than those who go to bed late and get up just as late in the morning. From the scientific evidence it is clear, therefore, that it is not only important to sleep the right amount of time each night, but also respect the circadian rhythms e early night rest.

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