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“Golden Eye 007” will go to Xbox-Hong Kong Sina

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Article: Alicia Chang- Gamereactor.cn

Rare Replay is an amazing collection of games owned by this British developer, but the lack of some Nintendo 64 first-person shooters has disappointed many people. Fortunately, this beloved game seems to be coming to Xbox soon.

Because Exophase pays close attention to what is happening on the back end of Microsoft’s system as usual, and noticed that shortly after we enter 2022, we have released a list of achievements. The accompanying pictures make it look like a ported version, rather than a re-enacted version that could be found on the Internet last year. But when it is obvious that fun activities and incredible multiplayer games are included, we have no complaints. Maybe they even offer the option of online play to take the game to another level? We are skeptical about this, but there is always the right to dream.

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