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Goodbye isolation for Covid, but it’s sprint for autumn vaccinations – Healthcare

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Goodbye isolation for Covid, but it’s sprint for autumn vaccinations – Healthcare

Just a few more days and then even the last restriction of the pandemic emergency can be archived: in fact, the rule on the isolation of positives for Covid-19 will also soon fall. The provision decreeing the end of the isolation is ready and could arrive at the Council of Ministers as early as next Monday. But the virus hasn’t disappeared, and indeed it is rearing its head in many countries, and for this reason the vaccination campaign will start again in Italy in the autumn: there is no obligation to immunize, but the vaccine will be available for everyone and strongly recommended for the elderly and fragile subjects.

The norm for the end of isolation

The rule for the end of the isolation should be foreseen in the context of an omnibus decree. Furthermore, immediately after the launch of the decree, the Ministry of Health, according to what is learned, will send the Regions a circular for autumn vaccinations for Covid-19. A return to the vaccination obligation is not foreseen but the aim is to protect above all the elderly and frail subjects. The updated vaccines, authorized against the currently most widespread variant, the Xbb, will be used. “With respect to this new vaccination phase – says the Director of Prevention of the Ministry of Health, Francesco Vaia to ANSA – sharing with the Regions, scientific societies and stakeholders has begun”. The Minister of Health, Orazio Schillaci, also underlined Vaia, “is giving a great impetus to this phase so that, also legislatively, the pandemic is definitively behind us”.

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Sprint vaccinations in the fall

A new vaccination sprint is therefore being prepared for the autumn, because the threat posed by the SarsCoV2 virus remains. And the latest data on global infections prove it. After 4 months of continuous decline, according to the latest bulletin of the World Health Organization, the number of monthly cases of Covid-19 in the world is in fact growing again and exceeds one million again. The rise is the effect of the increase in infections in South Korea. Still falling, however, i deaths, which total 3,100 on a monthly basis. In Europe, on the contrary, infections continue to fall: there were around 60,000 in the last month with a 66% drop compared to the previous month.

Growing cases in Italy

As far as Italy is concerned, based on the latest weekly bulletin from the Ministry of Health, new Covid cases are growing and there is also an increase in deaths, while the transmissibility index Rt returns above the epidemic threshold of 1. There were 5,732 infections in the week of July 28-August 3, against 4,129 in the previous seven days, and the incidence rose from 7 to 10 cases per hundred thousand inhabitants. Deaths have also grown, from 25 to 41. Swab tests have decreased: 138,232 from 142,987 and the positivity rate rises to 4.1 from 2.9. However, the situation in hospitals is not critical and the number of hospitalizations remains below the alert threshold.

The diffusion of the new variant EG.5

Meanwhile, there is a new variant of the virus, the EG.5, widespread above all in the Far East and Oceania. An overall picture that leads, in any case, to caution. To underline it is also Carlo Signorelli, Professor of Hygiene at the San Raffaele University of Life and Health and president of Nitag, the independent group of experts that expresses technical opinions to the ministry on the matter.

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From a “scientific point of view – he told ANSA – these indications are necessary and the international bodies also suggest it. It is good that the categories that will be able to voluntarily benefit from the vaccinations are identified and we await the new updated vaccines for October”. The advice, he warns, “remains to get vaccinated again because, especially for certain categories and age groups, the risk of serious and even fatal forms of Covid is higher, and the reinforcement represented by immunization with the new vaccines adapted to the dominated variants it can make a difference, without forgetting – he concludes – also the flu vaccination which will start in the same period in the autumn “.

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