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Goodbye physical exercise, after years of studies, the pill that replaces it definitively appears

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Goodbye physical exercise, after years of studies, the pill that replaces it definitively appears

Eliminating exercise and taking a pill is the news that emerged after years of study that everyone has been waiting for. A revolution in the world of fitness and for those who simply want to keep fit.

Training replacement tablet – Nanopress.it

How many times would you like give up exercise, of any kind, taking a pill instead to stay fit? It is one of those desires expressed by many people and today there are some studies that after years of research confirm it is possible.

The benefits of physical exercise between fatigue and sweat

Since we are little, the advice is to exercise specifically designed for your body. As you grow up you should find the most suitable discipline by adopting a correct lifestyle and healthy diet.

Physical exercise fatigue
Physical exercise fatigue-NanoPress.it

For those who have no intention of doing healthy exercise, the advice is to take at least a walk 30 minutes a day to melt fat and keep your body fit.

In any case, it seems to be necessary for one’s health to carry out at least one basic exercise during the day and one’s life.

Pill instead of physical exercise: the study

There is something new that could change the course of things and physical exercise in general. At the Baylor College of Medicine, some researchers conducted a study later published in Nature. This concerns a particular molecule, that is the one that is produced by the body while performing physical exercises capable of reducing fat and appetite.

Benefits of walking
Benefits of walking-NanoPress.it

To get to these results we are called to do a lot of effort, effort, attention and mental concentration so as not to fall into temptation. Not only that, every day we go to the gym or training place with the suit whatever the weather conditions.

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The above study puts an emphasis on one particular discovery and on the fact that the molecule can be replaced artificially. Goodbye physical exercise and sweat? It seems that with a pill you can make up for the sacrifice and be happy forever. Do we clarify?

The researchers carried out the study by analyzing blood samples from mice that ran on a treadmill. There discovery emphasizes a modified amino acid – Lac-Phe – produced from phenylalanine and lactating.

Small (and poor) overweight mice were given this amino acid which reduced their hunger by 50% in 12 hours. A particular effect that does not depend on movement and even less on the expenditure of energy.

A discovery that would put an end to phisical exercises for all people who do it as an obligation, to stay fit and healthy throughout their life. Not only that, it would also help people with particular pathologies or in a state of discomfort so much that they cannot play any sport.

Strenuous exercises for physical fitness
Tiring exercises for physical fitness-NanoPress.it

Obviously, this speech is very delicate because the benefits of sport are not only related to appetite regulation and weight loss. A walk or exercise also affects the mind, heart, self-esteem and happiness. The advice is to find a fun discipline that can be akin to your lifestyle and way of being.

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