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Goodbye stroke? Just change rooms and use them

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Goodbye stroke?  Just change rooms and use them

It is very important to understand that using too much salt in your diet is bad, which is why substitutes could help lower blood pressure levels and protect against heart disease and especially stroke.

Unfortunately, the high consumption of salt raises blood pressure, with subsequent cardiovascular diseases that are the basis of an early death. Here’s why It is very important to learn to eat healthily using the right products, in the right quantity and to pay attention to those products that negatively affect our health.

Goodbye stroke. Just change rooms and use them

For those who want to be healthy and avoid risks, if you want to replace the salt, a part of sodium chloride can be replaced with potassium chloride. Learning how to use these products greatly reduces the health risks compared to the use of the salt that we all use to use.

What to do

It must be understood that salt substitutes help to lower the pressure and to protect against dangerous heart diseases such as stroke which has a high rate of brain damage and mortality. Studies have been carried out on a certain amount of subjects and it emerged that there are gods effects of salt substitutes on blood pressure. Blood pressure was significantly reduced on all subjects who were tested.

the use of salt must be minimized
The use of salt must be minimized

On a smaller group of subjects, however, the salt together with that which also contains potassium chloride, there is a reduction of about 11% risk of heart attack, stroke and death. About the risk of diseases related to cardiovascular problems comes reduced by 13%. Beware of potassium chloride for people with kidney disease, which should instead mimic its use as there could be high risks. Added to this is that the salt substitutes contain a percentage of sodium, even here so be very careful. If you want to be healthy and avoid the risk of heart disease or much more serious disease that can even lead to death the use of salt must be minimizedto replace it you can use spices or even aromatic herbs.

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