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Goodbye to illegal “zero rating” offers for Europe: stop by operators

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Goodbye to illegal “zero rating” offers for Europe: stop by operators

This time it’s a real goodbye. The “zero rating” cellular offers this month have been officially declared illegal, for European laws, by the new Berec guidelines (the European telecommunication regulators) and the Italian telephone operators are eliminating them from their lists.
Tim will do it from August 1st. Following Vodafone, while Wind 3 had already eliminated them.

The offers with zero rating are those that do not reduce the traffic of some types of services from the ceiling of the Gigabytes included in the fee. The user can therefore use them freely, without consuming traffic. For example, Tim promoted for years, in this way, until a few years ago, the use of TimVision (film and TV series platform) on its mobile users.

Tim and Vodafone now continue to have offers of this type in practice by favoring chat applications, messages, social networks, in particular for the target of young people.

Net neutrality

«Against these offers there has been a crescendo of regulation. The European Commission began in 2011 with the framework directive on telecommunications, which however was not very clear specifically – says Innocenzo Genna, expert consultant on European telecommunications -; the European Court of Justice in 2021 made it clear that the zero rating is illegitimate; but the operators still waited for the arrival of the new Berec guidelines in June ».

For the first time, the European directive stated the principle of net neutrality. The Commission does not give a precise definition, but says it is “the ability of internet users to access and distribute information and to run applications and services of their choice”. And he left the ball to the national telecommunications authorities.

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