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Google counters Epic for breach of Play Store contract

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The dispute between Epic and many mobile store platforms has come to a new chapter. Google counters Epic for breaching the Play Store contract. According to a ZDNet report, Google stated that neither consumers nor Epic are obligated to use the Play Store or use Google’s payment system, but if they want to be listed on the Play Store, they must be bound by a contract with Google. Use an external payment system. Epic’s behavior of placing its own third-party payment system in the version of “Fortress Heroes” released on the Play Store has violated the contract, and even if Google removes “Fortress Heroes” from the Play Store, it cannot be deleted through Play. Store gets the app on the consumer machine of “Fortress Heroes”. This makes Google’s rights continue to be infringed, so Google can only sue Epic to request reasonable compensation.

The battle between Epic and Google was that after Google removed “Fortress Heroes” from the Play Store in mid-August last year, Epic sued Google for blocking its cooperation with OnePlus and LG in “Fortress Heroes”, alleging that Google had a monopoly. behavior. Compared with the first round of verdicts in Epic and Apple’s confrontation, Epic and Google seem to be quite quiet. It has been more than a year before Google filed a counterclaim against Epic. I don’t know the legal battle. How long to delay. At the same time, “Fortress Heroes” is still not available on either the Play Store or the App Store, but at least Android players can still get the game through channels other than the Play Store.

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