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Google, from November 25th comes two-step verification for youtubers

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From today, for 150 million accounts, Google introduces the two-step verification. A way to better protect profiles, and all the incredible wealth of data and information that we keep within them among the different services offered by Big G. In reality we are already used to the two-step verification or double authentication, which we use as a basic with Spid or with financial or banking applications. Or with the same Google, who with this move will especially force the creators of YouTube to get safe. And to protect their content and their image.

So from today, as happened for example when the account was accessed from a previously unknown device, that large number of users are required to verify via smartphone. Therefore, a username and password will not be enough to access the Google account, which are often still too weak. It will take one second confirmation of identity. For example through one of the Mountain View applications that we have installed on our smartphone, such as Gmail mail. We will receive a notification telling us to grant permission to access the profile, and we will be done. As in many other cases it will not be the only channel: we can also receive a code by sms, a voice message on our number. Alternatively, if you have a security token as Google itself had produced them in the past, you can plug them into your computer’s USB port.


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by Simone Cosimi

In reality, the news mainly concerns, as explained, the creators of YouTube, to whom the functionality will be enabled by default. They are in the category of users at greatest risk of account theft for economic or visibility reasons. And all the others? They can enable it by themselves, and in hindsight for years. Let’s say that with this move Big G returns today to push us in this direction. All the information to better protect your account is available on this page. To configure it as we prefer, you need to log in to the Google Account, choose the Security item and then, in the item relating to Access to Google, choose Two-Step Verification.


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